Road Trip to Sangla, India

Road Trip to Sangla (Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India)

I recently drove from Shimla to the renowned Sangla Valley in Kinnaur. If you’re planning a trip too, then you might want to check out this illustrative article.
Here are some shots from my camera:

Satluj’s splendour at Nirath (Close to Rampur)
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( You have to take a detour of 17 kms. from the highway to reach this place but it’s worth it!)
dsc 0160 RCnKV 31142

View from Circuit House, Sarahan.

dsc 0196 LJvmF 31142

Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan
dsc 0476 6HsCu 31142

dsc 0477 RgX5s 31142

Inner courtyard
dsc 0482 F4giV 31142

View of Shrikhand Mahadev Peak from Sarahan
dsc 0197 JMlta 31142

River Satluj moving daintily along the high road!
dsc 0220 OF1ku 31142

Nathpa Dam (View from the road, zoomed in)
Truly a beacon on the will power of mankind!
dsc 0224 jLvdf 31142

Now zoomed out, giving an idea of the actual perspective from the road)

dsc 0225 jIxj5 31142

Other side of the dam
. 3 electronically controlled gates divert massive volumes of water into a 45 km. long underground tunnel to Jhakri where electricity is produced!

dsc 0232 tqWiE 31142

Excess water being ejected.
dsc 0295 GwWzZ 31142

The Road
Getting closer to Sangla, it gets deep! And when I say deep, I mean deep with a capital ‘D’.Simply breathtaking! This is a shot from the road.
dsc 0236 YsZj5 31142

dsc 0241 aZwuK 31142

dsc 0242 eSKOz 31142

dsc 0252 PaiG2 31142

dsc 0254 QlaSn 31142

View of Shrikhand Mahadev peak from Sangla

dsc 0247 vlTQp 31142

dsc 0248 Fhc3P 31142

Intrigued?? So what’s keepin’ ya? Get out that car of yours and depress the pedal down to the metal (well, not entirely! You just saw the thin furrow-like roads in the pics! Haha!)

Bon Voyage!

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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