Reasons why you’ll love Antigua, Guatemala

why you'll love Antigua, Guatemala

Wonderful Weather: Dubbed the “City of Eternal Spring”, Antigua brags year-round temperatures that normal in the 70s. This makes the utilization of A/c or radiators unnecessary. There’s a stormy season that runs from May to November, however the downpours are generally an evening occasion, and not a throughout the day event.

Great Food: Almost each sort of food is spoken to here. Argentinian sustenance?Got it. Japanese, Indian, German, even Danish? Yup. Seafood is additionally simple to find (attempt ceviche (seafood dish) with a chilly mix on a hot day…  heavenly!) Antigua is likewise an extraordinary place to specimen some of Guatemala’s best nearby sustenance. San Felipe, a town inside strolling separation of Antigua, is an extraordinary spot to attempt cherished Guatemalan road sustenance, for example tamales, chuchitos, tostadas, enchiladas, rellenitos, and atoles, the last being a top choice hot drink produced out of ground corn.

Safest City in Guatemala: Police vicinity is extremely unmistakable here. On the grounds that Antigua Guatemala is such a draw for tourism, the administration has a vested investment in pressing on to keep it sheltered for voyagers that land here. Quite seldom do I feel uncomfortable strolling the avenues around evening time. It helps that Antigua has its own particular Tourism Police, notwithstanding Guatemala’s National Police.

Most Beautiful City in Guatemala, Maybe All of Central America: As an Unesco Heritage Site, Antigua has been ensured from enthusiastic speculators. The nearby government has practiced exceptional consideration to keep the city in the most perfect state conceivable. You won’t uncover a building higher than three stories here, which protects the superb perspectives of the volcanoes for every living soul to delight in. You won’t find pretentious neon signs either, and uproarious music is generally managed. Indeed, impacting your auto horn inside the city is prohibited. Easy Access to Major Airport: Antigua Guatemala is something like 45 minutes far from Guatemala City, which makes flights into/out of the nation moderately easy. Shuttles from Antigua to the Aurora runway are accessible for about $10 (~80q). A round trek taxi ride to the city will take about Q450 ($60). Digitally Connected: Awarded the moniker “Digital City”, Antigua has favorable element that in light of the fact that its near Guatemala City, innovation makes its direction here decently rapidly. Quick Internet speeds of up to 10 Mbps are accessible here. The recently opened Reforma Business Center offers current, physical office space and Executive Receptionists to handle calls provided that you require a spot to meet and welcome customers and a physical deliver to appropriate bundles.

Culturally Lively: There’s more than enough occasions going on each week and unrecorded music is not difficult to find. There are social occasions occurrence each month, from religious parades, to free shows, there’s something for every living soul. It’s additionally a child inviting city and the Spanish Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Espanol) has enough free exercises on the weekends .

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