Puerto Rico Beach Places to Surf -Top 10 Places to× Surf in Peurto Rico

Puerto Rico Beach Places to Surf


  • Puerto Rico has some of the best beaches for surfing, and we compiled the ten best Puerto Rico surf spots to keep in mind.
  • Surfers can pretty much catch waves all along the coastal regions of Puerto Rico, but there are favourite spots where many wave-riders flock to consistently.
  • The northwest coast of Puerto Rico is just one of the best surf spots, known for its elevated swells, hollow bowls and right-breaking tubes

Gas Chambers

Located at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla, the Gas Chambers surf spot has huge northwest swells and some of Puerto Rico’s finest tubes.

This is an area where you would find some of Puerto Rico’s advanced surfers because if you don’t know what you’re doing at this location, you will most likely crash and burn over and over.

Tres Palmas.

Tres Palmas is known for its immense wave breaks in Puerto Rico. It features a right-sided reef break that will turn into intense open face walled waves.

Wilderness Beach.

With hollow breaks ranging from two to twenty feet in height, this ten best Puerto Rico surf spot mirrors some of the famed waves of Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline.


Surfers will find Maria’s out by Sandy Beach in Puerto Rico. The best swell direction comes from the northwest at low tide. You don’t have to be an expert rider to surf here; beginners utilize this location as it’s easier to maneuver and the rides are long.

Playa de Jobos.

This ten best Puerto Rico surf spot is located in the town of Isabela. Known for its right-breaking tube, Playa de Jobos is perfect for beginners or advanced wave-riders.

Spanish Wall Beach or “Domes”

Hike from Domes Beach by way of Domes Trail and you’ll find this corner surf area.

Locals nickname it “Domes” due to the green domes of the abandoned nuclear plant close by.


This ten best Puerto Rico surf spot is for pros or kamikaze surfers only. The waves break to both the right and left, and you really need to be experienced to take on these monsters getting over 10 feet at times.

Little Malibu

Also called “The Spot,” this epic surf spot offers edgy swells that reach heights of over eight feet. Many of Puerto Rico’s savvy surfers congregate here and just wait for these powerful, fast breaking waves to show themselves.


A great location for all surfers, no matter what their experience, Aviones features swells of fifteen feet or more at times. This ten best surf spot has hollow, fast swells coming in from the north and northwest, and wave-riders are guaranteed continuous surf here any time of year.

Pine Grove

Another ten best surf spot perfect for any surfer is Pine Grove. Waves here break to the right and left, reach heights of over ten feet, and feature fast, rolling tubes for some genuinely fun rides.

There are man-made buoys in the water here, so be mindful of them as they can become a danger if surfers get too close.

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