Pico Bonito National Park

The Pico Bonito National Park covers around 1,073 square kilometers, and is the second largest of the National Park in Honduras. Geographically, Pico Bonito is located in the Nombre de Dios Mountain Range, and with the boundaries of Rio Santiago River. The slopes of the mountain are covered with a thick tropical rain forest. The area protected physically by the private property of the Standard Fruit Company and other smaller landowners. The Pico Bonito National Park Foundation has programs in forest protection, the integrated management resources, and environmental education.

The park is major attraction among tourists for the largest peak of the Nombre de Dios mountain range. The visitors seeking for adventure can climb on the mountain with climbing equipments, but climbing is very challenging and take up to 10 days. Further, the area is very popular for the practice of bird watching, kayaking, hiking, and rafting. A number of tour operators offer transportation, tours, and lodging to visitors.

Image Source : Flickr│Denis Fournier

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