Most Overcrowded Destinations in Europe

Europe is a must-visit. But these you might want to rethink these destinations owing to their crowdedness.


Paris is earning a reputation for being one of the rudest cities and not without good reason. Paris is no more the city you see in movies and read about in books anymore. It just might be that modern Parisians are surly not because of clichéd antecedents, but because they are ever more being required to live in a fast-paced, overcrowded city which gets more like London or New York every day. Coping with the demands of Anglo-Saxon globalisation , everything can’t be done with a smile on your face. Instead, you have to be as snarly as the British and Americans are prone to be when confronted by deadlines, packed stations, and a rising cost of living.
The truth is that Paris is no longer defined by its tourist landmarks, trust-fund bourgeoisie, or intellectual and artistic cliques on the Left Bank. It’s one of the biggest, most densely populated cities in the world, and it’s increasingly open for business. Under such circumstances, it comes as no surprise that the citizens are getting a little bit ruder.



The number of people settling in the area — which covers just 8 km² — is steadily increasing, and each year more tourists visit the popular downtown district. In addition there is a solid increase in the number of people who work in the city’s center.

Big public events that draw huge crowds include the annual Grachtenfestival (Canals Festival), the annual Gay Pride Boat Parade, and the annual Dam to Damloop marathon.

In 2010 there was an increase in the number of major events, the number of visitors attending these events, as well as the number of tourists. Less than half of the citizens consider the resultant crowdedness to be gezellig.

The number of people who say they are never concerned by terraces in the city fell from 80% to 53%. In particular there is frustration over blocked sidewalks, while people who live near outdoor café′s complain about the level of noise.

Some other notable facts about Amsterdam’s City Center

Amsterdam’s city center remains a wonderful place to live. It scores high on such indicators as livability and social fabric. Downtown residents rate their district higher than those of any other Amsterdam borough, rating it 8.1 out of a possible 10 points

There has been a marked boost in the number of aging people: 12 percent

There has been an increase in the number of households with children. It appears that an increasing family is less often a reason for leaving the busy center

The number of cyclists has doubled in 20 years. During the same period the number of cars decreased by 30 percent.

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