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Los Angeles Tourist attractions – 10 Top tourist attractions, Travel destinations, places to visit in Los Angeles, CA

An eye candy destination which has all the ingredients  to make your holiday worthy is of course Los Angeles. A holiday spot which is prime in your wish list is all due to its never-ending life-cycle. Cold, grey and rainy weather also add a touch of tranquility and with its serene visionaries. Los Angeles is an eye catchy attraction for tourists from the entire world which makes it one landing destination. Into a relatively small area, the sites are huge and any restaurant will definitely attracts you for their delightful cuisines. A place like nowhere, where your every every desire is met and you can sit up near the coasts for long long time.

1. Disneyland
The famed place deserves number one status for its rides, firework displays and carnivals. It’s with maximized fun and  freshness draws both national and international tourists. It is most reputed and your child prime destination in his wish list. So, add all the stars to your trip with a must visit to Disneyland.
2. Venice beach boardwalk
One of the largest and renowned placed for bodybuilding culture and skates makes you to land up at this site. It was one of the oldest and almost several hundreds year have been there to mark its foundation. In order to get the  feel of the hard-core hippie groove , this is a site for you.
3. Rodeo Drive
It a said that only women who look like Julia Roberts are allowed to get through the elegant boutiques in Beverly Hills. It is a true spot not only for it’s architecture but also an eye capturing incomparable settings. The streets are indeed packed with glorious temples of commerce that are worth a gander.
4. Hollywood Walk of fame
This site served as one of the famous spot visited by travelers throughout the globe. The 2,454 black squares with coral stars holds a magnetic appeal. The site has relatively high stories about its ancient history which makes it one tourist attractive spot.
5. Sunset Strip
The most high profile billboard in LA, is definitely this . Hard core rush with a huge queue at the comedy shows, crowded nightlife. It seems that the entire city awakes after the sunset and get themselves grooving till the sun sparks back.
6. 3rd street Promenade
Located in the heart, how could you not visit LA with this great tourist destination which is a must visit for the tourist throughout the globe. It is an outdoor mall with ocean breezes, with a string of chain stores and brand outlets. Its LA’s power destination and is visited by almost 14 million  national and international tourists.
7. Getty Center
The J. Paul Getty museum is in an architectural paradise in LA. It offers the best exhibitions of the city and perhaps is one of the most visited museum  by the travelers. The museum has some great ageing collection of artifacts  and determines the richness of that time.
8. The Queen Mary
A famous ocean liners that attracts tourist worldwide is incomparable. It is one of the longest beach site which is associated with a rich history which makes tourist curious about the place.
9. Hollywood and Highland
An ill designed mall with an expensive parking. This site loses its natural form and more transformed into a confusing outburst. It’s almost like a base camp to spend a day in Hollywood.
10. Santa Monica pier 
There’s never a shortage of fun when you are at Santa Monica where the beach meets the boardwalk in a festive display of amusement park rides. Yes, there’s no charge to get the show stopping sunset everyday here.


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