Los Angeles Historical destinations – 10 Great Historical Places of Los Angeles, CA

Historical attraction of Los Angeles is as interesting as the city itself. The region has various assets which excites you to visit the historical places more often. Los Angeles  is home to thousands of must-see historical attractions, and dont worry it won’t let your child and family get bored. To learn about theses ancient sites was never an interesting job, but it won’t held here as Los Angeles is epic in delivering must see historical sites. So, you  must not let yourself be deprived of these amazing historical sites. These historical attractions have captivated the best times of the age old aura, and packed with something for everyone.
1. The Los Angeles conservancy
Set in Downtown, Los Angeles Conservancy is one of the great historical arraction and the finest baroque houses in the country. There’s an ancient glory  in the place and facilities aimed to attract younger children. There are ample of fun activities including jousting tournaments and themed family tours to engage your family.
2. Fort Moore
It is one of the treasure which was built during the Mexican-American war. The memorial is on hill street, between temples and ord streets. There are plenty of sessions which pays your visit, with sculptures and the briefing of the time.
3. Bradbury building
This place is world famous for its architectural landmark that is an atrium, and has lot to offer to visitors of all ages. It was an old building constructed in 1893 and is situated in downtown Los Angeles.
4. The castle
The  castle in Bunker hill, is a right pace for youngsters. There are various quizzes organised for young visitors and there’s an adventure playground for your kids to set them on high spirits.
5. Los Angeles central library 
Central library in downtown LA is a magnificent work of art and is a place to visit as its third largest library of US. The library which has world class gardens and seasonal view to aspire the travellers. It must be there in your visiting list, as it has much to offer with the unique essence in the environment and activies around.
6. Fine arts building
It is a museum of time and space, deigned by Walker and Eisen. It is a great site to visit for art lovers that offers regular themed family events. Moreover, it is also a place for age old archaeology and observed art forms.
7. Venice canals walkaway
The gardens are located in the midst of the city which has wonderful glasshouses and several attractions for your children as well. If you are a Nature lover with a deep sight of archaeology, go on visiting this place.
8. Watts towers
Watts towers is amongst the most stunning site in the region, it is a unique fork art masterpiece, which is 90 ft high and is decorated with scrap metals, bottles and bed frames.It makes you more ecstatic with a unique art form.
9. Union station 
It is an historic site from where first train of LA is passed. You must not be aware but it is an archeological site in its own way. It is easy to get around, and is undoubtedly a tourist attraction.
10. Doheny mansion and Chester palace
The Palace  is one of the oldest palace of LA . Its rich history spans almost several hundred years old. Take your family as there are special events organised to drag you in the ancient period.


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