Italian Parks & Amusement Parks – Top 10 parks and amusement centres in Italy for the best fun


Italy is one such place that is well-known for various adventures. You can find various amusement parks here, which also serve as the best tourist destinations. Below mentioned are the top 10 parks and amusement centres in Italy, which are also known to be the best tourist attractions as well.

  • Gardaland – This water park is situated in the Lake of Garda. It was established in the year 1975 and since then it has highly attracted tourists across the world. It is operated and run by Merlin Entertainments Group and has got the credit of being the first theme parks of Italy. It includes 5 roller coasters and also 56 attractions along with it. It also includes Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium and Gardaland Resort Hotel, which is the best place to spend a lovely holiday.
  • Rainbow MagicLand – This is a famous theme park that is located in Valmontone town. This theme park includes more than 36 attractions like launch coaster, 4D cinema, splash battle, raft ride and various other rides for children. It is open from April to November and during the Christmas Holiday.
  • Mirabilandia Amusement Park – This is a very big amusement park that is located in Romagna region. You can find various attractions here for families as well as for children. It is known to have 2 very beautiful roller coasters that are found in the whole world. The Mirabilandia Beach is located close to this place, where you can find a lot of water attractions.
  • Movieland Park and Caneva Aquapark – This is a renowned place for providing you with complete entertainment that includes a lot of attractions that have been inspired by the cinema world and are known to be suitable for people of all ages. It includes Medieval Times, dinner show and also the Rock Star Restaurant. This is open from April to November.
  • Etnaland – This is a bug place with various water slides and swimming pools. You can find more than 20 attractions for children and a few among them include roller coaster The Storm, the flume ride Jungle Splash, family coaster Eldorado and a lot more.
  • Miragica Theme Park – It is a wonderful place that is situated in Molfetta. You can find more than 23 attractions in this place that include free fall tower, flume ride, launch coaster and a lot of exciting rides for children.
  • Fiabilandia – This is known to be a very famous amusement park that was established in the year 1965. It is situated in Rimini. It is known to have developed different thematic areas like the Magic Village, The Pirate Bay, Far West Village, Oriental and medieval.
  • Aquafan – This is known to be one of the renowned water parks of Italy that is situated in Riccione. It consists of various water slides and various other water shows and attractions for children as well as adults. It is open for the public from June to September.
  • Oltremare – This is a very big marine park that is located in Riccione. It takes you to the natural sea world, where you can explore many things and also view various aquatic and other animals like dolphins, fishes and various other domestic animals.
  • Aqualandia water park – This is known to be a very big water park of Lido di Jesolo. You can have a lot of fun in the water slides here. A few of the water slides here include the Bungee Jumping, the children’s lagoons, great wave pool Shark Bay and a lot more as a part of various adventures.

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