Indonesia Budget Hotels – Top 10 Budget Hotels in Indonesia

 indonesia budget hotels

Budget stay in Indonesia is not an issue when several hotels offer you with a variety of options to choose your budget destination in this faraway country. Here is a top 10 list of the popular budget hotels in Indonesia:

  1. Puri Saren Agung: One of the most traditional residences of Indonesia, the hotel has been providing the best services for more than a decade. They even provide you with the facility to rent an authentic stone bungalow giving you a memorable every day.

  2. Fibra Inn: Fibra Inn was established long ago when the locality was no more than a trash. However you will not get any better place to stay other than the Inn. It is the continuous efforts of the staff to make the Inn the best place to live for its customers.

  3. Jati home stay: Alongside the Monkey road, there is a line of affordable and budget hotels that will offer you the comforts of home at the best suited price. Jati home stay is one such hotel that will offer you with a home like atmosphere. Jati is a well known artist who opened his own B&B several years ago.

  4. Oka wati hotel: Oka wati hotel was established by a lady named Oka wati. Started off as a small venture, the hotel now has nine rooms along with a swimming room and a luxurious spa. You will also get some of the most authentic food here which seems to have disappeared from almost all the restaurants.

  5. Warsi’s house: Warsi’s house is situated among a chaotic landscape serving its guests with delicious pancakes. Don’t expect too much luxury yet a decent stay is what you can easily get.

  6. Rona: Established by a local man, this traditional bungalow was converted into a café a few years ago. The low cost rates that they are charging, you cannot expect much of the luxury. Only a few amenities including bookshop is available.

  7. Putu Putera homestay: One of the most authentic home stays in the region, putu putera is one of the most popular budget hotel in the neighborhood. Experience a traditional stay at one of the most affordable rates. You can get a chance to live with one of the traditional Indonesian family, enjoy their meal and learn from them.

  8. Tiing gading Bungalows: You will be astonished to see that this hotel stands amidst the local neighborhood with no name sign. Finding this hotel is no more than a win-win situation for the tourists. As a reward for their achievement, the customers are provided with traditional rooms that one could die for. There are only 10 rooms along with some of the necessary amenities. The hotel is also provided with a private spa.

  9. Family Guest house: As the name suggests, the guest house offers some of the best traditional amenities.

  10. Ubud Inn: Ubud Inn is known for providing the best amenities at very affordable prices.

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