Incredible Art Festivals

The best art festivals are blockbusters in the sense they appeal to our artistic side that had always craved to find a route to expression in public. Here we explore a few smash hit art festivals and exhibitions around the world where some of most legendary contemporary artists participate and release the amazing inventory of talent inherent in them riding on a myriad media of expression.

These annual art exhibitions and biennial extravaganza of the most flamboyant and yet intellectual masterpieces draw waves of tourists and art lovers from all corners of the globe. These art exhibitions of massive proportion culminate in a brilliant mix of sculpture, painting, sketches and photography created by masters reaching the helm in their respective fields. It is a bright and colorful conglomeration where the connoisseurs of art, critics, art collectors and professional artists flock in horde to quench their enormous appetite connecting the nuances of fine art.

Here we go with some of the significant art festivals celebrated around the world:

1) Venice Biennial:

Venice Biennial is perhaps the most happening and the oldest and glamorous art exhibition around the world. It all started way back in 1895. This awesome exhibition is held once every two years. The influx of art buffs attending this festival hits a staggering figure of around 300000. Fondly known as the ‘Olympics of contemporary art world’, this prestigious art festival sees some of the best global talents in the field of art and sculpting. The Venice Biennial festival on 2011 Nov featured Urs Fischer’s wax art exhibit. The candle wax art show included reproduction of Giovanni Bologna’s symbolic 1583 genius sculpting ‘The rape of the Sabine women’ and the Iranian talent Farhad Moshiri’s outstanding creation ‘Life is beautiful’ fashioned by setting hundreds of knives stabbing a wall.

2) Art Basel Switzerland/art Basel Miami:

Originating back in 1970 in Switzerland, this art display has quickly made it to the top and has turned one of the most significant art experiences for art enthusiasts, collectors and professionals. This grand art exhibition in Switzerland has a counterpart venue in Miami, US as important and as enchanting. This art festival brings in over 2500 talents showcasing their creation in over 300 galleries representing a number of countries. This is a sparkling gathering of great artists excelling in modern art together with fresh talent bubbling with novel ideas and creativity.

3)Foire Internationale d’Art contemporain in France:

This colossal art festival is held in Paris in the month of October. It is an absolute feast to the eyes that a few words of admiration cannot do proper justice. This is the most important art exhibition in France ranking at par with the most prestigious art exhibitions of global scale. Back in 2006, the show was initiated setting its venue in the Grand Palais since then its fame had sky rocketed rapidly. The glass domed exhibition hall right in the center of the capital had been a fitting setting for so grand an exhibit.

4) Frieze Art Fair in London and New York:

In London’s Regent Park, this art festival is organized annually in October. The exhibition offers over 170 exquisite art galleries of contemporary artists with their amazing creations. The artists contributing to the exhibition are all living, and it is an amazing collection of artists, critics and collectors. The exhibition has a dynamic character and runs a parallel show in New York as well bringing the festival under global limelight feeding the demand of an ever expanding and vibrant art market.

5) Biennial of Sydney:

This is the most throbbing and the biggest visual art exhibition down under. It brings forth some of Australia’s bold and sensational talents although this is the fourth oldest biennale in the world. Art lovers throng in waves and there is an opportunity for open exposure to international guest lectures, artists open forums and film shoots centering the art exhibition.

6) Hong Kong International Art Fair:

Although born in 2007 and still a long way to go, Hong Kong International Art Fair is the most unique and largest of its kind in the Asian continent. Presenting artwork representing both the Western and Eastern school of art, the exhibition registered a staggering visitor statistics of over 67000 back in 2012.It strikes a wonderful equilibrium of global vibes and is known for high quality of the exhibits offered.

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