How to travel with a group of friends (& not lose your mind)

travel with a group of friends

Choose your travel buddies wisely

Choose who you want to travel with while planning your trip. Traveling requires you all to be together almost all the time and I’m certain you would not like to be with the ones you dislike. For once, be merciless for your own good. Choose your old friends and if you are single, try and not include “all couples” in your group! Pick someone whose company you consistently enjoy and share same interests. If you like shopping and your friend is more of a museum person- this will not work out anyway! Choose someone who is more independent so if some of your interests do not match, they will happily indulge in something on their own!

 Pool your money

Before you start planning for the trip, decide your budget and hence choose the location and plan further. Money is usually a very sensitive topic and deciding on the degree of luxury you are willing to pay or someone is able to afford is really helpful and can avoid much conflict later. Different people have different point of views. What someone might think to be affordable, the other might think that is too extravagant!

Split your expenses and if someone wants to indulge in something pricier- like splurging for a single room in a hotel, that person can pay for themselves!

Have an itinerary

Everyone has different expectations from a particular trip. Someone might want to go for water rafting, whereas the other person would prefer so spending the day knowing about the place’s history. Conflicting ideas will obviously lead to friction among group mates and it can absolutely ruin the entire trip! So, the best thing to do is to consider everyone’s interests and plan the entire trip as such everyone is happy at the end of the day. Try and make the really active things half a day so those who are less active are not completely cut out!


Your trip might not come to be exactly the way you had planned or thought it to be. Learn to compromise. You may find habits and shades of friends which you never knew about- and this may not be according to your like. That is okay, no one is perfect and probably they are funding the same about you!

Keep some “me time”

Being around a bunch of people 24/7 can be downright annoying. Everyone wants some privacy and deserve some alone time! Yes, you want to bond with each other but I’m sure you do not want to murder each other too!

Taking out a little tilt alone is a good distraction. If you are not in the mood to spend time with them and want to do something alone, excuse yourself. I am sure they won’t mind!

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