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Responsible tourism depends upon the pattern of behavior of the tourist and his reactions to the new environment that will largely decide the tone of reciprocals he receives from the destination and its inhabitants. Interaction between the guest and host […]

responsible tourism

Exploring Khajuraho is an amazing experience perhaps the best in the school of ancient Indian temple art and architecture that can leave a visitor dazed. The entire region in the vicinity of the temples is extremely tidy and well preserved.

Guide to Khajuraho by Dr Prem

This is a dare for those enthusiasts having a strong cardio health with the right age not anywhere near the verge of senility. The extreme tourist is not too young either to bear the shock of this jolting experience! It

Skydiving shot

Wine tourism is not unheard of. On the contrary, it has turned out to be a fascinating mode of tourism. Previously, it was affluent class and connoisseurs of this beverage took interest in wine tourism but recentlyit has pervaded the

Wine Tourism by Dr Prem

Wildlife tourism is not a recent activity that had won popularity among adventure loving tourists. Those with a strong penchant for wild life and its natural habitat had answered the irresistible call of the wild down the ages. In the past,


It is his instinct that has driven man over long distances since thousands of years in his religious pursuits. That Lord Buddha in his prime career point had denounced worldly pleasures in quest of the eternal knowledge or ‘Nirvana’ is

information on religious tourism

Tourism and photography are intertwined with each other past a considerable span of span of time. The tourist has realized both photography and tourism are complementary to each other, and there is a long history over the years backing up

Photographer Shooting

Holiday tourism promotes intercultural swaps, and you get to know how it feels like spending days amid a new set of people, a new place to stay in tasting alien culinary delicacies and exploring heritage monuments and ruins in far

woman on Holiday Tourism

Festival tourism is exploring a region at its height of fun, amusement, cheerful crowd and colorful spirit when the entire community is out to celebrate an event or a festival that had been ingrained in the local tradition and culture

Festival Tourism

Culinary tourism in organized shape is relatively a recent practice giving rise to an offshoot tourism niche. However, man’s love for good food is a much earlier phenomenon. Culinary tourism is a creation of historical and modern culture. Gastronomic tourism,

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