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Historical graveyards that you must visit

Historical graveyards

History teaches so many things and life lessons, and simple sites become important locations for generations to visit and revere. Historical burial grounds are scattered around the world. These graveyards play an important role in our cultural life. They depict the religion, rituals, and the memory of a culture or a society. The graveyards may also commemorate a past great event or war, and project as a memory and lesson for the future.

Birth and death are natural phenomenon that we can neither change nor ignore. We can however, choose to commemorate those that are lost to us, and conserve graveyards and old cemeteries so that future generations can remember their ancestors.

Historical graveyards have also become a part of tourism as most people visit historical cemeteries to expand their knowledge about the place, and pay respects to those buried in these locations. Some of the most popular historical cemeteries are as follows:

St. Louis Cemetery, Louisiana

St. Louis Cemetery is the name of three main cemeteries located in New Orleans, Louisiana. These cemeteries are aboveground cemeteries, which were constructed during 18th and 19th century. The first St. Louis Cemetery is the most renowned cemetery and it was constructed in 1789 to replace older St. Peter Cemetery. From then until now, this cemetery has become a tourism destination and visitors have to pay a certain amount to visit the cemetery.

Green-Wood Cemetery, New York

Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the most renowned burial grounds located in Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 1838 and was granted National Historical Landmark status in 2006. It became one of the most popular tourism destinations in 1850 and was the most popular burial ground during that time. The management committee offers various guided tours for their guests. Visitors can explore the architecture of the place, which highlights the culture of the New York, the Revolution, civil wars, art, and much more.

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

Graceland Cemetery is one of the most remarkable park-like graveyards located in Chicago. This was established in 1860 and became the popular royal graveyard of that time. In 1871, after the Great Chicago Fire, the Lincoln Park was deconsecrated and some of the bodies buried in the park were moved to Graceland. Most tombs of the graveyard show solid architecture and are the main attractions of the place.

Pere-Lachaise, Paris

Pere-Lachaise is the largest cemetery in Paris and it is the first garden cemetery. It was established in 1804 and covers the total area about 110 acres. The cemetery was not very popular during that time as most people refused to have their graves at a place not blessed with a church. Now it is one of the most visited and preferred graveyard in the city. Every year thousands of visitors visit the park and the graveyard.

Manila Chinese Cemetery

Manila Chinese Cemetery is a historical cemetery located in SantaCruz, Manila, in the Philippines. It is the second oldest cemetery of the region, which was considered as the last resting place for the Chinese citizens during the Spanish colonial period. This burial ground is a witness of the World War II. Great people like Josefa Llanes Escoda, Vicente Lim, Rafael Roces, and Chinese Consul General Yang Guangsheng were also buried in this cemetery. Now, many people visit the cemetery to explore its beauty and to see the graves of great people. This is still considered by Chinese people for their future last resting place.


Graveyards play an important role in our culture as they are considered the last resting place of any individual. There are many historical cemeteries spread over the world and it sour duty to conserve them for future generations.

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