Five Austrian Alps destinations that you can’t miss this summer solstice

Summer Solstice is the time around when several interesting events, festivals and activities take place in the Austrian Alps region. This time of the year the snow from the Alps melts away revealing its natural beauty, and presenting sights worth beholding. In Austria’s Tyrolean Alps, residents climb up the mountain slope and create the shape of heart and cross symbolising the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to mark the divine liberation of their ancestors from Napoleon’s army back in 1796. This 200 year old tradition is observed 10 days after Catholic Feast of Corpus Christi. Tourists throng the region to witness this annual spectacle which is now supported by the Tyrol’s tourism agency.

People with wanderlust are never satisfied, they are always ready to pack their bags and explore new things around the world. Well, Machu Picchu is an ideal destination to watch summer solstice in its magnificence; however, this list of five Austrian Alps destinations should inspire you to consider Austria as your next travel destination.


There is an enchanting sight to witness on the day of summer solstice, which is marked by the longest day and shortest night, in the Alpine areas of Austria. For centuries people of this region have signalled the coming of summer by lighting fires on the mountain, also called the solstice fires of Tyrol. People across Austria and in the mountainous areas of Austria reach the mountain slopes in groups and light fires. The Wilder Kaiser region also celebrates this tradition with great enthusiasm. It is a sight that is exciting both for the locals as well as the visitors when the “Burning Mountains” appear against the dark sky at the Wilder Kaiser (Wild Emperor). The Kitzbühel Alps, the Grass Mountains too glow on the opposite side.

To let people enjoy and attend various mountain partiers and view the solstice fires, Hochsöll, Hartkaiser and Brandstadl cable cars are available till late at night. The parties are held in Scheffau, Söll, Going and Ellamu. Every year on 22nd June from around 9.00 pm, one can be witness to the mesmerising solstice fires that light up the mountain.

The Nordkette

Nordkette is the place of endless fun activities. One can enjoy electronic music festivals and also enjoy jazz over a brunch on the weekends. Summer solstice celebrations too are accompanied by live music at Nordkettenbahnen lift stations as well as wide range of mouth-watering foods and the main attraction – fires lit on the mountain edge. If you want to reach the site of all the attraction, the mountains that overshadow north of Innsbruck, you have to take the Nordkettenbahnen lifts which happen to be the most convenient and quickest mode of transport. This place is also great to visit during the New Year’s Eve as fireworks create an awe inspiring view when the night sky is lit up with colourful sparkling showers.

Kitzbüheler Alpen

Want to enjoy summer partying and indulging in all sorts of fun activities? If your answer is yes, then you cannot probably miss St. Johann in Tirol, and most importantly Erpfendorf, Kirchdorf and Oberndorf. The place has to be in your summer holiday destination list to enjoy the various outstanding and exciting events that are held weekly. Being part of these events is exciting, as well as partying and cheering. Kitzbüheler Alpen which is one of the most beautiful parts of Tirol is one of the great places to enjoy all such things. There are several sporting events such as Cycling World Cup in St. Johann and the Cordial Cup, which will interest the sports lovers. The dumpling festival here offers the perfect opportunity for the foodies to indulge in delectable food items. Village festivals and several small events taking place non-stop are something to experience in Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Grossarl Valley

This is another site to behold the mesmerising “Mountains in Flames,” on the day of summer solstice when the longest day meets the shortest night. Here people rejoice by lighting up bonfires on mountain ridges and peaks of Hüttschlag and Grossarl. One can get the best view by reaching the plateau of Panoramabahn which offers a panoramic vision of the place.

Revellers can reach the celebrations in the fastest way through the Panorama Lift which starts its service from 7-8 p.m. and 10:30-11:30 p.m.

Zugspitz Arena

Tiroler Zugspitz Arena being surrounded by four magnificent mountains, namely Ammergau Alps, Lechtal Alps, Mieming Mountains, and the Wetterstein Mountains, is the favourite spot of mountaineers and hikers. With seven beautiful villages, this place is also never short of activities. Apart from its winter attractions, the summers are the time to explore the deep blue mountain lakes and many breath-taking trekking trails. This place marks summer solstice with Sacred Heart Fire festivities which colour the mountains in red and orange hues. Being a traditional event which dates back to hundreds of years, it has found its place in UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage List.

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