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The most exciting road journeys in New South Wales, Australia

The most exciting road journeys in New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales is the perfect place for road trips with its perfect mountain backdrop, scenic beaches and the quaint villages and towns that adorn the landscape. While you visit Australia – New South Wales specifically, you are sure to find a lot on offer for the avid road tripper. If you do not like driving around in the country, then consider going on a road trip with a group of friends and family. You can hire a charter coach from Sydney and enjoy a wonderful trip in company. Here are some of the best road trips in the vicinity:

The Grand Pacific Drive
This stretches out to around 140 km along the coast of the south of Sydney and offers one of the best road trip experiences. You can start of first with the Royal National Park and then head southwards to Wollongong, Shell Harbour and Kiama. On the way, you would also pass through a long bridge that curves on the cliff and actually takes you over the ocean. The drive will take you across some of the pristine beaches in the area. You can relic at one of the quaint pools and perhaps visit the largest Buddhist temple in Australia.

The Kosciuszko Alpine Way
The route of the Kosciuzko Alpine Way is via Lake Jindabyne and it is the best if you wish to have a feel of the alpine region. You can go through the interconnecting Snowy Mountains and visit the Kosciuzko National Park. On the way, you will come through historical villages and amazing scenes of the alpine valises and mountaintops. You could opt for horse riding, trout fishing and even skiing there.

 The Waterfall Way
If you wish to go along the Pacific Highway, then Coffs Harbour would be a good stop along the sea. You can then take the Waterfall way, which will take you through various national parks with many water bodies such as the Dangar Falls, the Mihi Falls and the Ebor Falls.

The Darling River Run
If you have not experienced the great Australian outback- the Darling River Run- then undoubtedly your trip to New South Wales is not complete. This route stretching across 730 km goes along the river starting from Walgett to Wentworth. You will go through once-existing outback towns across dusty red roads.


While making your road trips to New South Wales, you might consider taking a chartered coach that would offer you great services and make your trip seamless and a memorable one. There are nearly 18 discovery road trips in New South Wales, so decide what appeals to you the most and head out for an exciting road trip.

Image Source: Stanwell Park – Visit NSW


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