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Essential tips that can be of great help to the lonely traveler

lonely traveler

Travelling is always an exciting experience. Not many of us are able to go out too often as we would have loved to because of the lack of a travelling partner or desired company of people who we would have loved to travel with.

Seeing the prospects of the things not coming right, we simply abandon the whole idea of holiday affair. The problem is more acute with those among us who are habitual loners or who may be better categorized as introverts. Here we have a few tips to get you over your inhibitions and take a plunge into the world of travelling, alone-

  • Shed inhibitions about being a loner

First, being a loner is nothing abnormal. Many among us love to spend a private life and love to do so even when out travelling. You just need to know that you can keep your silence whenever you feel the need to do so but break it when it is required.

Traveling entails speaking to, and negotiating with strangers – tour agents, hotel staff, cab drivers, and shopkeepers. So you can only get through in travelling when you strike a good and bold conversation with them. For the rest of the time, you can keep to yourself.

  • Chose a travelling destination to suit your personality

Most of the travelling places are high in partying and nigh- out revelry. Such places may definitely strike a chord with extroverts who love to unleash themselves in the atmosphere. If you are a loner, travelling to such a place will make you not only uncomfortable but doubly affect you by precipitating your sense of being lonely.

So chose a place where you find peace and silence and where other cultural diversions like theatres, social festivals and art performances take place. Do not risk going out to far off uncharted places alone, unless you are reliably sure of your security there.

  • Keep essential tools handy

Earplugs, headphones, sleeping mask and a book are some of the tools that will keep you secure from all the unwanted distractions that you might be subject during the tours. Books are not necessarily for deep study; just skimming over the book will keep your mind engaged in times of boredom and stagnation like when you are travelling or when being in your room.

Keep a list of essential telephone numbers, addresses and a timely replenished stock of medicines handy for the emergency times. A diary writing and photography can keep you busy and help you lap up the experience of the place for all your life.

  • Look out for someone like you

Once you are out, you will realize that you are not the only one of your kind. You will come across many other travelers who for reasons diverse would be travelling alone. While on board, or while settling down for dinner, you can find someone nearer to talk with. You might even end up making good friends.

  • Plan your itinerary perfectly

Travelling solo will mean travelling alone. Define your schedule in a time bound frame. Do not let anything to guesses and chances. Mark out the places you will visit and set a period for each of them. Do not over stay. Do not stay over late and take up accommodation in neighborhood of places more accessible for food and public transport. Do not run on tight schedule and keep at least a day extra if you are traveling for a week to ward of exigencies from delaying you.

Traveling alone should not entail loneliness. Enjoy your journey, talk to people, and perhaps even make new friends.

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