Dos and Don’ts to remember when going on a Chadar trek

A trek through the Chadar region of the Himalayas is a much awaited fixture on any hardcore mountaineer’s bucket list. While the adventurous trails of the locale are truly one of a kind, trekkers need to follow a few basic dos and don’ts to ensure that their trip to the destination is a success.


Bring enough warm clothing

Like any other mountain range in the world, the Himalayas too are notorious for not following predictions made by cute weather girls! Fortunately, carrying sufficient warm clothing, waterproof outerwear, gloves, spare sets of shoes etc. will help you counter sudden snow storms or downpours.

Carry medicines, food and water

The Chadar region is very sparsely populated. Though the villages that dot the region do stock up on supplies, it is a better idea to not rely on them for food, water and medicines. Carry energy bars, protein bars, dehydrated meats, a mini filteration system, extra bottles for storing any water that you find and a fully stocked first aid kit along with all your prescription meds.

Keep someone updated with your location regularly

Thanks to the mobile communication revolution in the region, populated pockets remain well connected with the rest of the world. While you may not get a signal on your phone during a trek, you should make it a point to stop at every village and make a call to a friend, inform them of your exact position, plans for the upcoming 24-48 hour duration and an approximate idea of when you’d be able to make the next call. In case something bad happens and you’re not able to call your friend in time, rescue crews would have a much better idea of your whereabouts.


Don’t litter or pollute

The Chadar trail is one of the most spectacular trekking locations in the world and it also boasts of a delicate ecosystem. It is your moral duty to leave this region as you found it. Do not leave any empty plastic bottles, wrappers etc. behind you on the mountainscape. You can carry trash bags to collect all your trash which you can deposit at a public dumpster at the nearest village.

Don’t use chemical soaps and shampoos when bathing in the streams

While on this trek, you would come across beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous streams. However, you must refrain from bathing in them using chemical soaps and shampoos.

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