Do’s and don’ts of smart traveling

Travelling is fun and we all have to travel once in a while. There are certain mistakes that you commit while travelling and these can take away the fun factor out of the traveling. A lot goes into planning a good trip. You have to check out travel deals and get your documents arranged. Not all of us can go for holidays often and that’s why planning carefully is the first smart tip for the travelers. If you are travelling with your friends or family then the duties get divided and you get support from the members of your group but while you are travelling with alone or with kids you need to be more cautious and careful. Following the tips in this article will see you through the entire journey and get you back home safe.



Pack it right

Packing your essentials correctly is one of the most important things. Do not take unnecessary things. Generally one or two evening wears and some casuals are sufficient but we keep on stashing clothes inside our bags increasing the volume of luggage. Take clothes according to the weather and your plans. For example if you are going for a hiking trip then canvas shoes and tees are fine and if you are going to some luxurious resort then you will need a swim suit. Always pack a hat for saving yourself from tan or cold.

Stay connected

Keep people who are close to you informed about your whereabouts. Carry a cell phone and get international calling cards if necessary. Find means for posting online updates and stay in touch with your dear ones. This way even if you are in some trouble you will get help soon.


Don’t forget the medical kit

In a foreign land, buying medicines can be difficult. It is important that you visit a doctor and get written permission for carrying the necessary medicines with you. Carry your medical reports with you because if you fall sick while traveling they will assist the local doctors to treat you. Pack a small medical kit full of first aid stuffs.

Do not indulge in unprotected sex

You go to a new place and find a stranger insanely attractive. You have a drink or two together and go to your room for some fun. Well, if you are ready to indulge in sex with strangers do it with caution. Wear a condom or ask your partner to wear one. The fact is that even condoms cannot prevent all sexually transmitted disease so you better make a smart choice.


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