Different types of travel phobias and how to deal with them

Despite traveling being one of the most popular hobbies, many people around the world do not travel at all. However, everyone has his or her own reasons for not traveling. Some people do not travel due to lack of funds, some people avoid it due to health problems and some due to lack of time; however, there exist many people who avoid traveling due to various travel phobias. Therefore, here are some weird travel phobias, which often prevent people from traveling and seeing new places:

  1. 1.    Limnophobia

Most people often find lakes and its surrounding areas very relaxing. Considering the beautiful lake sceneries, it is not surprising that lake retreats are the best retreats one can ever have. However, if you have Limnophobia then you might find it very difficult to even stand properly beside a lake because of an intense fear of lakes. People with Limnophobia find the calm waters of a lake nerve breaking and very tense. Since Limnophobic people are afraid of everything that is associated with lakes so, the best way to cure it is to start by exposing oneself to small water bodies frequently and for short durations. This practice will help in minimizing their fear slowly and will eventually help them to get over Limnophobia.

  1. 2.    Cryophobia

Cryophobia is the fear of cold and people with this phobia can hardly ever travel to places where it gets very cold. If you have Cryophobia then you will certainly find it very hard to relax if your surrounding environment gets very cold. However, you can also try to cure it by going to places like Japan’s Ice Village in Shimukappu or staying in the ice hotel located in Lapland. These efforts may sound a bit extreme for people with Cryophobia but it will certainly help them in getting over the fear of cold.

  1. 3.    Nomophobia

Most of the famous natural places with breathtaking sceneries lie in the middle of some thick forests, oceans or in the mountains where it is hard to get any mobile phone reception. Although those places exhibit natural beauty in its pure form, but if you are a Nomophobic person, you won’t be able to appreciate the natural beauty after discovering that your cell phone has no reception. Although most of the people would take this opportunity to relax without any interruption, but a Nomophobic person however, becomes restless. The best way to cure this phobia is to try to live a life by separating yourself slowly from your cell phone and engaging yourself in other mind absorbing hobbies.

  1. 4.    Hodophobia

Traveling always involves roads and so, Hodophobic people always avoid traveling to other places. Hodophobia is the fear of long road journey and therefore, it always prevents them to travel in cars and buses to distant places even if the journey includes driving through beautiful and scenic landscapes. In case of dangerous roads on rough terrains, which frighten even the normal people, a hodophobic person might become a quivering mess just by thinking about it. The best way to get over this fear is to take taxis and buses frequently for short distances and then gradually increasing the distance of the destination.

  1. 5.    Agrizoophobia

Fearing wild animals may sound normal, when under the absence of any kind of barriers or protection. However, if the fear is acute and very intense even if you are guarded by all kinds of protective gears then it’s possible that you suffer from Agrizoophobia. It is a fear of any kind of wild animals in or out of cage. People with this phobia can hardly ever travel to the wildlife national parks and enjoy the view of animals living in the wild. You can cure it by traveling to the wildlife reserves and trying to get over the fear.

  1. 6.    Acrophobia

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. If you have this phobia then apparently you cannot climb a ladder or relax on the balcony of a high floor. Acrophobic people also find it very hard to travel on top of mountains to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature lying below. You can cure it by standing on the viewing deck of one of the tallest buildings of the world and trying to enjoy the sight that lies below your viewing point. This effort will certainly help you to get over the fear to a great extent.

  1. 7.    Cyclophobia

It might sound funny but there are people around the world who are actually afraid of bicycles. It is a weird kind of phobia but this fear of bicycles prevents people to travel to places where bicycles are common. On the other hand, the best possible way to cure this phobia is to visit Amsterdam where you will find people riding bicycles everywhere because in order to get over a fear it is important to face it first.



Dr Prem Jagyasi

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