Destinations that offer great tourism services to physically challenged people

Today, people love to get rid of daily stress and tension. Traveling is the best way to feel relaxed as you can visit different places and can leave stress and tension at home. Traveling the world can be little difficult for people with physical disabilities. People with physical disabilities need special care during traveling and trips. It is vital to arrange wheelchair friendly flights, transportation facilities, lodging facilities, and more.

Many tourism facility providers offer accessible travel and holidays for disabled people. They understand the requirements and needs of these people and try to make their trip less mobile. Special tour operators decide tour plans for special people and try to make their trip successful. Their knowledge and empathy makes this possible for people who cannot make their trips because of physical disabilities. Following we have some best tourism destinations, which offer top services and wheelchair friendly trip for physically challenged people.


It is one of the most beautiful tourism destination and its accessible areas make it special for physically challenged people. The tourism authority of the region and country tries to make all tourism destinations accessible for people with certain physical disabilities. They offer special guided tours for people with disabilities like physical, mental, visual, and auditory. Tourists can visit almost all tourism destinations of Barcelona in a wheel chair, without worrying about the architectural and other barriers.

They can explore the nature parks, historical places, museums, and other places without any barriers and difficulties. The museums of the region are designed especially for people with certain disabilities and the security always ensure the safety and security of such people. Special routes make this possible and comfortable for such people and their family members.


It is a beautiful island located in the meridian sea, which is a perfect tourism destination for people with physical disabilities. It offer accessible beach holidays for their guests. Here visitors can explore the natural beauty of the place and can enjoy their beach holidays. Restaurants located near the beach are wheelchair friendly and offer required facilities to their guests. Visitors can also go for special guided tours in which they can rely on their guides for everything.

Authorities also offer wheelchair friendly flights and travel to their guests. Visitors can also take an advice of experts who can help and guarantee disabled adapted rooms. They can advice on some important details such as how to use bathrooms, showers, and more in the case of disabled people.

Bay of Puerto

It offers best tourism and apartment facilities for people with physical disabilities. Visitors can enjoy self-catering holidays and accommodations in the region. The entire plan is designed and adapted to meet the needs and requirements of disabled tourists. Doors of the rooms are specially designed wider so that wheel chair users do not face any problem during their stay.

The bathrooms and showers are designed while keeping the disabled in mind. Travelers can hire special cabs so that they can reach to their desired destinations without any help. Apart from this, various nightclubs and pubs are also wheel chair friendly so that people can also enjoy the nightlife of the city.


Visitors can make their lodging arrangements in the five star hotels located in Lanzarote. These hotels try their level best to meet the needs and requirements of disabled travelers. The parks and rooms of the hotel are wheelchair friendly and offer best tourism facilities for their guests. They also offer special guided tours and travel facilities for their special guests.


It becomes very critical for disabled travelers to choose destination, which offer tourism facilities according to their needs and requirements. Most Spanish destinations are wheelchair friendly and try their level best to meet the needs and requirements of their guests.

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