Day trips from rome – Top nearby destinations from ROM , Italy

day trips from rome

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is the only city in the world which contains in its interior a whole state. Rome has a history of around two and half thousand years. It is the oldest city occupied in the Europe. Vatican museums and colosseum are the world’s most visited tourist destination every year. Rome is famous for the beautiful ancient cities. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city. Planning for a day trip in rome? Then here are the list of some places where you can cover during day at rome.

Day trip to CapriDay trip to Capri

It is the small Italian island of Capri. It is cited 5km from the mainland in the bay of Naples. It has been a resort since the time of the roman republic. Capri is the picture square island made of limestone rock. It is most favorite spot for the artists, writers and roman emperors. You can easily visit as a day trip from Naples.


Orvieto is the city in Umbria. It is the landmark for some of the beautiful buildings in Italy. Its duomo, cathedral looks stunning with mosaics and frescoes. Orvieto is the city which consists of the cultural heritage, traditions and life style. The city is best for the tourism. Tourists can enjoy the local cuisine, museums, itineraries and leisures. It also includes the businesses, professional services and shops.

Ostia AnticaOstia Antica

Ostia Antica is located close to the modern suburb of Ostia. It is 30km to the northeast of the harbor city of the ancient rome. Ostia is the romes seaport. This site is most famous for the ancient buildings, impressive mosaics and magnificent frescoes. Their will be a carnival atmosphere with cinemas, pizzerias and dance halls. Beaches at Ostia will be crowded during the summer months with full of deck chairs and sun beds. Ostia antica you can see the lumps of stone everywhere. This is famous for the ancient apartment buildings. These buildings are height with narrow stairways and corridors taking to small rooms.


Pompeii is the town city near modern Naples. It is the Italians most popular attraction. With guided tour or an audio tour you can walk among the streets. You can see old shops, residential homes, bath, and restaurants, religious and commercial centers. There are also plastered body casts of people who died in the catastrophic volcanic eruption of 79AD. Pompeii consists of national archeological museum which contains a collection of artifacts and art works.

Villa d’EsteVilla d’Este

Villa d’Este is a villa located in Tivoli near Rome, Italy. It is the best example for Renaissance architecture and Italian garden. The villa is surrounded on three sides by 16th century courtyard sited on the benedictine cloister. Fountain is formed within a Doric on the side walls which contains a sculpture of sleeping nymph in grotto. It is guarded by d’Este heraldic eagles. Gardens consist of nearly 500 jets in fountains, water troughs and pools. Aniene will supply water for this. Lot of visitors comes to see the gardens. Maze like paths and winding offers a pleasant surprise at every turn. Musical fountains, amazing statues, breathtaking waterfalls and frescoed rooms are the stunning attractions. This is the best place to choose for a day trip in Rome.


Assisi is best known for the birthplace of St. Francis who is italy’s patron saint. Assisi lies on the Umbria’s rolling hills. Assisi had a rich tradition of art which is home to number of popular artistic works. There are lot of places to cover in the city are piazza del commune, old clock tower, town center and church of santa maria sopra Minerva. St. Claire’s Basilica offers scenic views of the valley.

Hadrian’s villaHadrian’s villa

It is a large roman archeological complex at Tivoli, Italy. Hadrian’s villa consists of over 30 buildings. It is the greatest roman example of Alexandrian garden. It includes several thermae, temples, libraries, quarters, palaces and state rooms. Maritime theatre is the best interesting structure in the villa. Hadrian’s villa is best with architectural styles and innovations. You can also find a beautiful artifact unearthed and restores at the villa, such as marble statues of antinous, mosaics from the theatre and baths.


It is a village and commune on the amalfi coast in Campania, Italy. Positano is the small picturesque town with coastal views. You can experience the natural beauty and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The town will be filled with people all over the year. It is best to visit positano during the spring season. Visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta which is very famous with lovely architecture and black Madonna icon.

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