Cape Town Historical Spots – Top 10 Historical Places in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the oldest city of South Africa and there are many historical buildings and sites that lay proof to it. Many of the sites are still open and have turned into tourist destinations. Millions of people visit this part of South Africa to see these beautiful structures and is a favourite among archaeologists and history lovers. Here are the names of the best 10 historical places in Cape Town.

  • Castle of Good Hope: The oldest building of the city, this was built between 1666 and 1679 by the East India Company. The castle has five angular structures viz. Oranje, Leerdam, Catzenellenbogen, Nassau and Buuren which are actually the titles of the prince of Orange. These structures or bastions were actually storerooms and prisons and now is the Western Cape Military headquarters and homes the South African Military museum and is a popular tourist attraction.
  • Robben Island: This World Heritage Site is actually the home of the prisons where Nelson Mandela along with other political leaders was imprisoned during the apartheid. This island lies just off the coast and there are several ferries that takes you to the island all through the day and you get to see the prisons.
  • Rhodes Memorial: This monument built in the memory of a South African political leader and diamond merchant, Cecil John Rhodes is located on the Devil’s Peak and gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. It has small a cafe where you can sit back and enjoy tea and cakes.
  • Cape Point Lighthouse: Built in 1857 on Cape Point Peak, this lighthouse stands 238m above sea level. It was built on account of numerous shipwrecks that took place on the sea as there were many storms. But it did not serve its purpose due to its height, fog and clouds which eventually led to the construction of another lighthouse in 1914 but the first one still stands tall and is used as the monitoring points of all other lighthouses in South Africa.
  •  Houses of Parliament: This place was opened in 1885 and is beautiful with Romanian and Greek architecture. If you want to see the proceedings of the Parliament, you can buy tickets and produce your passport to gain entry in the public hall. Conducted tours are also arranged.
  • The Slaves Lodge: Currently a part of the Iziko Museums, this lodge was built in 1679 by the Dutch East India Company as a home for the slaves. Being one of the oldest buildings in South Africa, this place is worth visiting.
  • Gold of Africa Museum: This museum preserves the ancient gold objects built by the Africans. Located in 1783 built Martin Melck House, this building is considered as the remains of old African architecture inspired from the Akan Kingdoms and houses over 350 gold artefacts. There is also a newly built restaurant.
  • Central Cape Town: This part of the city has many old buildings which are beautiful and portrays ancient architecture. Walk downtown yourself or hire guides who know about these buildings and architecture.
  • City Hall: Located at the heart of the city, the City Hall is a renaissance styled neo-classical building with a tower which is 61m tall, 39 bells which are used during any kind of celebrations and a library.
  • The Cape Winelands: This place is famous for vineyards and Cape-Dutch blend of architecture. Many of these buildings originally built by Dutch farmers in the 1600s and 1700s have been made national heritage sites. Groot Constantia is an example of such a building that now has been converted into a museum.

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