Best places to jump along with the jolly Dolphins

The dolphins have been known to be one of the jolliest animals on earth. They stay around humans and love to play with them for hours. These are the best places where you would love spending your time with them.


Blackwall Reach

Close to the river mouth, it is a deep one with lots of spots to herd large schools of fish. This guarantees that if you spend your time between 10am to 5 pm, you will get to see one pod of dolphins to the minimum. You might be lucky enough to see six dolphins jumping out of the water within an arms length of yours.


Penguin Island

If you want a swim with the dolphins, you actually get to do that here. That is right. A special cruise takes you up close to the local population of dolphins where you see them from a very near position. A very exciting and fun thing indeed, swimming with dolphins is something everyone should definitely have on their wish list.


Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is the best spot to refresh you against wildlife, be it epic surf swells or the fertile volcanic rainforests. The Dolphin Quest lagoon is, however, a treat of The Big Island resort of Hilton Waikoloa. The interaction and encounter with the bottlenose dolphins with the wee ones is surely worth the experience.


Best place in Ireland to watch whales, dolphins and basking shark

There is no doubt that West Kerry is the best place in Ireland to watch whales, dolphins and basking shark during the summer months.

At the moment, there has been a bit of a lull in our whale watching activities from Ventry Harbour, Ceann Trá, due to a prolonged bad weather. This bad weather at this time of year is traditionally known as “Scaribhín na gcuach” (rough period of bad weather at the time of the cuckoo) in Irish or more generally “Scaribhín na Bealtaine” (May period of bad weather). It is traditionally due to end after the 15th May and coincidentally the medium term weather forecasts are also showing an improvement in the weather patterns then.


Miami Seaquarium

Dolphin Odyssey: There is an interactive and educational classroom presentation program provided by “Dolphin Odyssey” before visitors throws on a wetsuit for the deep-water fun-filled interfaces with the dolphins.

Dolphin Encounter: This is a shallow water programme for young and old people where they get to touch, feed and play with dolphins.

Trainer of the Day: The “Trainer for a Day” program available provides a real, absolute and behind-the-scenes experience.


Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Western Australia

The Rockingham suburb of Perth is flooded with pods of dolphins in the waters of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. This place gives you much more than what you had actually imagined. With half-day tours of up close and personal thrills, it is exciting for the Dolphin lovers.


If you want to have a splash with Dolphins, the friendliest underwater creature, here are some of the best places to see Dolphins.

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