Best means of public transport to enjoy the best sightseeing

If you are a tourist and craving for something more than just visiting the major sights, you should really try the following means of transport in top cities for best sightseeing ever. They are more reliable and affordable than the tour buses and offer a close look to the cities’ best landmarks.

San Fransisco’s Trains and Cable Cars:

The cable car has become an icon of the city. Tourists mainly use the city’s three cable cars. They run through the streets of Nob Hill and Russian Hill. You can view the remaining city and its bay area by moving through the San Francisco’s light rail trains and BART trains.

The Elevated Train of Chicago:

Chicago’s elevated train, also known as the “L,” seems to be a perfect match for sightseeing. The central Lop area of the city is especially worth visiting. You can have an incredible view of the city’s great architecture while going through the rooftops and in between the historic buildings.

London’s double-decker buses:

These symbolic vehicles provide innumerable rides each day and are as good as sightseeing from the streets. There are 700 routes around the city so that you can easily catch one of those buses at almost any point. Though the Tube has a higher speed these buses are best when it comes to sightseeing. Various passes and Prepaid Oyster Cards make the transit even much better and feasible. The most popular bus is the bus No. 74, which passes remarkable places such as museums, Harrods Department Store and Baker Street.

Hong Kong’s Star Ferry:

The city has one of the most amazing skylines. The beautiful view of skyscrapers with hills rising behind can be viewed by the Hong Kong Island or Kowloon waterfront. The most popular Peak Tram will take you to the most famous Victoria Peak. Star Ferry is a cheaper alternative to travel.

Vancouver’s Seabus:

One of the best means to see the city’s giant skylines is the SeaBus Ferry that is used by both commuters and tourists for shopping and meal. The sky train network of the city covers the southern and eastern parts of the city. It provides a great look to the urban and natural landscapes of the city.


From ferries to buses, these unique means of transit will provide you a visual taste of all the places in a great way.

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