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Best bungee jumping sites the world has to offer


Bungee jumping is really taking on the world with a mania. The adventurists and those seeking an excitement to give verve to their plodding lives are high in the list of this extreme adventure game. The very idea of plunging into unknown depths hundreds of feet below with nothing more than your feet harnessed to a rope gushes in Adeline into the body even of the sedated person. Here we have a list of some of the finest bungee jumping sites from around the world that you could try out:

  • Macau tower, China

This skyscraping tower in Macau city of China stands some 764 feet high, making it one of the highest bungee jumping sites in the world. One is led to a perfectly perpendicular free fall from this height, right headfirst almost 100 foot short of hitting the ground before the bungee cord rebounds you back. The whole experience is really thrilling for the adventurers and nerve-racking for the timid.

  • Royal Gorgo Bridge, USA

Royal Gorgo Bridge is located in Colorado in USA. The bridge is the second highest suspension bridge in the world with a height of 291 meters. The site is however not open for regular Bungee jumping. A three-day event is organized annually, the participation to which is organized by invitation only.

  • Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

This 720 foot high dam, also known as Contra Dam, was got constructed to harness hydroelectric potential of the Verzasca river. However, the dam comes handy for popular activities as well. Therefore, when the officials of the dam are not making electricity, they are Bungee jumping. After a free fall jump by stuntman Wayne Michaels in 2002, for the James Bond film GoldenEye, the place has gained popularity as a Bungee jumping site.

  • Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge is located on the borders of Eastern and Western Cape is the third highest commercial Bungee jumping bridges in the world. At a height of 2016, it provides the thrill of precipitating deep down into the valley head first with the person secured to the Bungee ropes. The site has been witness to many a Bungee jumping world records made here.

  • Extremo Park, Costa Rica

Well the latest in the line is to take a plunge deep down towards a fall of 143 meters from a little Ariel tram fixed high above the breathtaking valley. The vistas are breathtaking and so is the fall.

  • Queenstown, NZ

When you come to Queenstown, where this bridge is located, you think of nothing other than Bungee jumping for that is what the place has become famous for. The 134 meters free fall towards the Nevis River atop the Nevis Bridge is an experience filled with thrills and chills. The very idea of going deep down into a George is an experience you will never forget all your life.

So if a list of these sites sets in urge within you too, crazy enough to make you shed your fears and go out to take a deep plunge out of your fears, then do so.

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