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Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

About: Belgrade Zoo

Nestled at the centre of the city in Kalemegdan Park, the Belgrade Zoo is one of the major attractions of the city. Covering the area of 7 hectares, the zoo holds different species of native and exotic wild animals. Founded in 1936 by Belgrade mayor Vlada llic intially, the zoo had a total area of 3.5 hectares but was expanded to about 14 hectares. During Second World War, it suffered gigantic damage that led to the killing of several animals and lost around 7 hectares of land.

The Belgrade Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. The zoo has 270 different species of animals, which are 2,000 in numbers. Species of animals include lions, kudus, white tigers, arctic wolfs, polar bears, and albino wallabies. One of the popular animals are Muya, worlds’ oldest alligator, Gabi, a dog saved the guard from jaguar, and Sammy, a chimpanzee who escaped twice from the zoo. The biggest pride of Belgrade Zoo is white lion, birds of prey and other species of birds, including emu, ostrich, greater rhea, ground hornbill, and golden eagle.

Visitors get an opportunity to get close to the wild life in the Belgrade Zoo. Further, the friendly and skillful staff is available all time for telling you about different animal species in the zoo and their natural habitats. Visitors can ask questions to staff and get an opportunity to watch the feeding session of animals.

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