A Tour To Jim Corbett National Park


If you are a nature lover or a tourist then you should not forget a name which is known Jim Corbett national park. This the oldest national park of India which was recognized in 1936. It is located in Nainital [Uttrakhand] spread over 520.8SQR. Km. it is near to Himalaya belt.

It is completely covered with greenery surrounded with rivers. More then 70 percent of the park is covered with trees and green plants. It has 488 species of plants but Sal, Haldu, Pipal, Rohini, Mango are seen more then other plants

It is very nice place for tourist and visitors. Days are cold in winter at here but quite enjoyable. Rainy season is very impressive whereas temperature in summer doesn’t cross 40. Entire area is covered with nature which includes animals, birds, rivers, mountain, trees and plants and this is the real happy scenario for visitors. Thousands of visitors visit at here annually.

If you are a visitor or tourist for this park then absolutely you are on the right track and will get the real enjoy of tour.

The whole park is natural and lovable. It is a place to see nature and wildlife closely. You can enter into this park two times in a day Morning to after noon and after noon to evening.
There are mostly two ways to visit into it. Which are following-:

A. Jeep safari-

This the quite enjoyable option to see the entire wildlife in this park. It the most secure way. It covers maximum area of this park. Visiting in an open jeep is ecstatic and awesome way. It takes about three to four hours. A jeep has six seats for comfortably sitting into it. A well experienced nature guide and a driver is with you every time throughout the tour.
But you should know some rules for this. Jeep can not be allowed all parts of this park. Forest department has declared some prohibited areas in it and divided it into four zones so that it can be managed in a better way.

1 Bijrani Safari Zone

2 Dhikala Safari Zone

3. Durga Devi Safari Zone

4. Jhirna Safari Zone

B. Elephant Safari in Corbett

Another way of visiting into the park is elephant safari. It is the way which can give you a new experience of this tour. In it you are to sit on the elephant with expert guide who keeps describing you the park and animals. You can go by it in the morning or in the evening. Elephant can take you where jeep can’t go. So it is really impressive way of tour.

Summary- tour to this park is great way to find natural scenario among the polluted things across the world. It connects us to the nature directly. Wildlife and river gives us peace, happiness and enjoy which we can’t find in the hectic cities. In this park we see many species of plants, animals and trees. Different atmosphere can give you peace.

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