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8 Things to do in for× Enthusiasts in England

England is huge, and so it has a tiny touch of cosmopolitan nation. People from various countries have come up here, and now is a part of this diversified country. England is a part of United Kingdom. This country has groomed highly in its sports, activities, technology and trading. The various aspects have been covered by England’s government or parliamentary monarchy. From various sports to adventures, you cannot resist yourself diving into the deep history of the same as its the” land of origin” of top games in the world and a mixed arrays of activities. When you are in England, you cannot get bored. The country is full of varied cultures, and so you can go for a museum visit, play various sports, and yes taste the best of foods. Lets  unleash some of the popular activities in which you can indulge yourself.
1. Try on the game of Football
England is the financial hub of football and rightly so as the inventor of the game. The football world cup is the largest sporting event in the world, and it draws more than billions for the finale alone. Football is an economic game and is so played by rich as well as poor both. England participates as a separate nation in some international sporting events. It’s generally played from August to may. The English football team are highly esteemed on the world with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United.
2. English gardens 
There are abundant opportunities for nature lovers  and various activities available for the visitors of England. The spectacular gardens has its roots associated with England, and are surly comes under a necessary visit. The modern as well as contemporary touch in the garden speaks for itself and you cannot avoid letting yourself , Sipping a cup of hot Coffee on a chilly Morning or afternoon.
3. A match of Rugby
Rugby originated from rugby school in Warwickshire. It’s similar to football but played with an oval ball. Players can carry the ball and tackle each other. For many years this was played by the upper classes but now is payed all over the country. There are two different types of rugby- Rugby league, played mostly in the north of England and Rugby Union, payed in the rest of England. A match of rugby you can play with the locals,as England without hitting a shot or two of rugby match is incomplete. By the same you might get a feel of being in England.
4. Its Wimbledon
England is said to be the country of Wimbledon. Exploring the same in your holiday is worth, and you can get into this fantastic energy boosting game. The world’ s most famous tennis tournament is Wimbledon. It started at a small club in south of England in the 19th century. It is traditional for visitors to eat strawberries and cream whilst they watch the tennis. So, where is your cuppa?
5. Streets are colorful
Over a large population of England moves through these crowded streets everyday and so you can see the busy hectic site of this country as well. Streets are filled with branded stores and  restaurants, so in England, you surely can witness the crowds of people and several activities taking place here and there.
6. Get royal with Polo
Another equestrian sport is polo, which is brought to England from India by the army officers. It is the fastest ball sport in the world. You can try to emulsify into this game, just you need to pursue the authorities. It  is played with four men on horses to a team. A ball is hit with a stick towards the goal.
7. Horse racing
Horse racing the sport of Kings is a very famous sport, with meetings being held everyday throughout the year. The Derby originated here, which is the hardest horse race in the world. People can place bets on the races at the legal off-track betting shops. Horse racing is simply adventurous and fun, if you share a bond with horses, go get that one.
8. Historical sites
England’s cities wear their histories well, from Iron Age fort to the great Birmingham palace. The place is rich with its sites and when you are in England, you have to see these, as it takes you to the time back.


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