5 top Stopover Stays In India

Get To Know 5 top Stopover Stays In India

India is one of the most beautiful and exotic countries to visit as it offers centuries of history and colorful traditions to travelers.  A trip to India is no less than an adventure that a person can hardly forget. Over the past few decades, tourism in India has become one of biggest growing sectors. All this has been achieved because of pleasing destinations and reliable stopover places in India. Keep reading to know about 5 top stopover stays in India.

Barawara Kothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan

If you visit the beautiful city Jaipur and want an accommodation, which is not too close and not too far from the city, then Barawara Kothi is the most appropriate choice for you. It one such amazing old colonial villa, that is simply stunning and is located in Civil Lines area of this town. You will be stunned to see the marvelous and elegant decorations of rooms filled with ethnic arts. Rooms are extremely spacious and comfortable. There is also a beauteous garden along with delightful garden, this is perfect for hot bothered kids to run off and lose some energy.

The Chonor House, Dharamasala

Magnificent Chonor House is actually run by a foundation established in this mountain town in the year 1995; the purpose was the preservation of arts and crafts of Tibet. It is one of the best places for stopover stay in pleasing Dharamsala. Prominent attractions of this marvellous place include well shaded terrace, TV rooms, a library and a sense that might possibly in your next room, Dalai Lama may be drinking tea or meditating. As he stays in the temple, that is at a walking distance of five minutes.

Greenacres, Srinagar, Kashmir

If you are not so fancy about staying in a houseboat on the lakes of Kashmir, then try Greenacres. It is one such reasonable and good alternative that will leave you with some mesmerizing memories. It offers vast rooms, beautiful view and pleasing ambience. The food here is extremely tempting with different Kashmiri specialities. Having your breakfast on the green grasses of the lawn is an unforgettable pleasure. This is a family owned place and it shows as well.

The Mercure, Hyderabad

This is one such place that is extremely rare to find, new, clean and also comfortable central hotel with the pricing of mid range. You will find complete cleanliness and nice touches around such as windows with stained glasses. You get everything here, from the comfortable beds to delicious food. This place is widely appreciated for its stunning decorates of murals; spacious rooms and also they serve the best coffee in town.

Tollygunge Club, Calcutta

If you are in Kolkata, then your stopover has to be this amazing Tollygunge Club. Although it is little tricky to get in here as it is only for members and guests only, but once you get in surely it all pays off well. This private sporting club offers exquisite golf course and lawns, along with elegant accommodation. Experience here a complete peaceful environment along with scrumptious food to please all your senses.

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