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10 Best cities for Senior Tourism

History of senior tourism

If you thought tourism is the prerogative of the young bubbling with enthusiasm and physical potential you may be wrong. Senior tourism too has a huge worldwide promising market. Given the right kind of platform with a lot more care, personalized service, patience and the right kind of attitude from tour operators and the tourism department, senior tourism can harvest money. Remember the retiree senior has a definite edge over younger tourists as they have huge cash saving ploughed back from an active service life.

What the senior tourists look for is a tranquil and hazard free city with a great culture and a warm support of hospitality. The landscape aspect and the scenic beauty of the place would be prime drivers. We enlist here top ten cities that would merit a mention as senior tourist attraction:

1)Hawaii :

This is a beautiful place which would certainly appeal the aged. The state of Aloha in Hawaii is extremely admired by senior tourists. Most of the tourists in this island paradise are senior citizens who have a good amount of cash and are just waiting for the opportunity to make it a big and peaceful vacation. The famous Aloha tower at Honolulu is a majestic sight. This is a tourist friendly destination that the aged tourists would love to be in. The tranquil sea is energizing. Luxury accommodations are available and fair priced. To top it all, the colorful Hawaiian culture and dances are simply enchanting as are the floral decorative and shell crafted jewelry.


Durban in South Africa with its outstanding road and rail network and up to date medical support is a model vacationing spot for the aged. Airports, malls and other lures are devised to help senior tourists. For those unable to walk properly, wheel chairs are at service. The Phezulu safari park, the exquisite landscapes and amazing African art centre would certainly pull senior tourists, and the good news is that there are concession fees for the aged.


Image Source : PondiCherryInfo.In

Pondicherry, an Indian union territory, located in the southern part of the country is a popular senior tourism destination peaceful and welcoming. The leading appeals are the magnificent Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar temple, the church of sacred heart of Jesus, the paradise beach and serenity beach, the French war memorial and the Auro beach are a few among many.


Despite the fresh political turmoil in Bangkok, Thailand senior tourists have been frantically attracted to this city. The key reasons are cheap living, tepid soothing weather and the exotic culture. Besides the luxury retirement beaches, pagodas, wild life and Thai cuisine are bonus attractions.

5) Las Vegas:

Scintillating with sparkling neons and state of the art shopping centers, Las Vegas is a senior tourist’s favorite haunt. High tech saloons, exquisite eateries and the legendary casino gamble cult has made Vegas a senior tourist’s hot spot. Grand Canyon and Hoover dam are added bonus.

6) San Jose, Costa Rica:

This Central American tropical destination is a superb place blessed with a plethora of amazing flora and fauna. It is a low priced staying opportunity with a wonderful coastline offering a restful break to the aged.

7) Branson, Missouri:

This senior tourist’s paradise is set in the majestic Ozark Mountains. The city is famous for live music show and is budget friendly. Calm, homely and hospitable attitude of the locals and opportunities for a number of activities suitable for senior tourists have made it a prime attraction for the aged.

8) London:

The city is an ideal destination for senior citizens. Dotted with historical buildings, superlative museums, famous squares, monuments, art and music this city suitable for the aged is marked for discipline and refined culture. It is a safe shelter for the seniors though a little bit costly.

9) Paris:

Paris is a splendid city for senior tourists. Here some agencies provide the aged with hearing appliances and in most hotels elevators are built. The hospitality is commendable and personalized care exists.

10)Juneau, Alaska:

Alaskan cruise is a much desired escape among senior tourists. The milieu presents stunning vista and pristine landscape. Outdoor activity like fishing is popular among the aged. Shopping scope exists.

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