Why is Laughter Important ?

As we were growing up, we learnt a lot of quotes and anecdotes, a lot of metaphors hidden in them to prepare us better for the future . As children, it was a fun exercise learning and remembering quotes, deriving their meaning from elders. Of all the quotes that we learnt, the quote which holds a daily implication in each of our lives is perhaps that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Laughter is a part that all of us should incorporate into our lives every day that we live. Each day as you breathe in, you should treat it as regular as consuming food. Of all the days and moments that you waste in other pursuits, the ones you used regret are those when you didn’t laugh.


  • A medicine ? – The quote is literally true. People who laugh more often lead healthy lives and outlive their counterparts, the ones who laugh less. Bringing in a smile on your face as well as others make you have a positive outlook towards all things that life has to offer. People are always stressed about the little problems that are prevalent in everyone’s life; a failed relationship, financial problems, the monthly bills and what not! Stress kills, in plain terms. When you are happy and laugh a lot, everyday you tend to increase your levels of Immunoglobin A, which protects you from respiratory illnesses and works wonders for your immune system. Stress hormones like Cortisol which is also known as the ‘age-accelerating home’ has less chances of being released into the body when you laugh a lot. Stress speeds up the process of ageing in the form of wrinkles, hair loss , sagging . You do not require expensive and quite often harmful medicines. The best medicine lies with you, laugh a lot and live a little.
  • Laws of attraction – When you are happy, you send out positive vibes. People want to be around you all the time. They seek you out because they are immediately attracted to you. Everyone is attracted to a happy individual. Everyone has problems but they want a reason to be happy, they need an inspiration and you can give them just that. Loneliness is toxic. You feel weighed down and depressed. Even a minor problem may seem mountain –like when you are lonely. Laughter cures all of that. You gain people, build networks, there are just so many people who are going through a lot of trouble themselves. Share with them, lend them an ear too. You will be surprised by how soon and easily all your troubles are halved, just because you laughed and touched another person’s core and he laughed back.
  • Trick your mind- A person who is going through a lot of problems in his life might feel like the whole world is on his shoulders. As much as he wants to be happy, as much as he wants to smile, it might seem to him like maybe he will never be happy again. Life hands out lemons to us everyday. How many of us squirt the juice into life’s eyes? And then laugh over it? A smile is infectious to you and others. There are only a few and maybe none who can resist smiling back at a baby who smiled at you. Find the little pleasures in life, when you smile and laugh a lot, your mind is tricked into believing that it is happy, and it continues. You walk with a spring in your step, the world seems tough but you know you can handle it. Instantly, you mind is free of clutter and you can make decisions better than if you would done the same thing with a grumpy attitude.
  • Learn to forgive – Often people use the phrase ‘forgive and forget’. Carrying around a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Forgiving others is important, to your own peace of mind. All said and done, people do forgive others . It is only human to do so, they forgive and move on, an enlightened and wiser individual who will perhaps not repeat the same mistake of trusting another unworthy individual. All that is fine. But how many of us have the same forgiving nature for ourselves? Why is it so hard to believe that we too are individuals and only human to make mistakes? We let the love of our life walk away just because we couldn’t give him/her our time, we let the house get away, we let our parents down. Chin up, because all of these can be rectified. All you have to forgive yourself and move on with life, apologies, make amends. You’d be surprised to find how forgiving others can be towards you too. Share a moment with your loved ones, laugh with them. In the end, it is all worth it.

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