In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth

Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.


Since childhood we are told that each of us are different from one another, all of us have a unique set of characteristics, good and bad qualities and each of us are unique, distinct and hence special. But how many of us remember this and carry this information in our minds and hearts in later years?


Isn’t it true that all that we become later on are mere copy pastes of one another, with perhaps a little difference here and there in terms of tastes and preference only? Or may be what we do and how we do it differs a little in terms of efforts put in or in terms of the level of intensity perhaps, but isn’t it true that all of us all around are more or less doing the same thing? Running the same rat race in life?


Where then did our specialty, our originality, our promised uniqueness go? Why is it that we live our lives no different from the others, running for the same things, trying to become the same what everyone else is and then die a very nondescript death without really ever finding our own distinct voice in life ever?


Losing Your Originality:

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The reason for all this is simple. Society. It teaches us the same things and tunes into us the general norm of things. That is what it is supposed to do so as to maintain law and order perhaps.  Through family, friends, school, peers, work, colleagues, it always codes into us the general norms of things and the distorted truth which is accepted by it at large.


Think about it. What you do in life is very much a function of what success and happiness means to you right? The career you chose or the day to day decisions you do in your workplace are also defined by what according to you is success. Now, from where did this definition of success come to you? Hasn’t it been coded by the society into you? It is the society which has taught you that a huge salary, lots of wealth, a big house, a big car, a large family, etc are all signs of success.


Coming to the second and more important point. Is your definition of success or what you’re doing in life any different from others? Here lies your realization point of the truth. The answer is no, it is not. You might be an engineer and some other guy can be a street sweeper, but both of you have the same definition of success and both of you are doing the same thing in life isn’t it? Trying to earn more money.Both of you might be doing different things but how different are you with the other? Have you ever thought about it?


Think about the bigger picture now. How different is anyone from the others around you? Can you spot even a speck of originality and individuality in anyone anywhere? What everyone is doing all through their lives are more or less the same, guided by the same beliefs and molded by the same motivations and intentions with perhaps a varying degree of attitude here and there.


If you think about it form a neutral point of view, the moment of realization would come to you.  The fact that your story is not much different from the other without any originality or distinctiveness would come to you in one blinding instant of a sudden flash. . All that you’re doing in life, even if they feel great, are all a heap of the same story all around without any mark of originality whatsoever, destined to go unnoticed and forgotten in history.


Finding a Voice:


In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. Each of you is an original. Each of you has a distinctive voice. When you find it, your story will be told. You will be heard.


Yes it is true. The fact remains; deep down inside we are all unique with our own distinctiveness and originality. Our beliefs, values, attitudes, likes and desires, what we believe as truth, our soul, our spiritual consciousness are all different. The only thing we need to do is to travel deep within our own psyche and search for our inner voice and then be fearless enough to voice it for truth. The truth that we believe in from the deepest core of our being, unmarred by the societal restrictions and unscathed by societal norms.


It is only by speaking and living the truth that one would find his / her own   unique distinctiveness and originality. The only way towards telling the story of the original ‘you’ and it is only then you would not be lost in the mass production of human life, but would be heard by all, loud and clear.


So how do you find your voice? How do you, amidst your continuing rat race of life, suddenly take the baby steps towards living for the truth and being original? You can start by the following:


  • Travel deep inside yourself and search for what true happiness and success means to you. What genuinely makes you happy? Your definition of happiness and success more often than not is actually different from what the society has taught you. It might be different than earning huge sums of money. Learn the truth and then be courageous enough to voice it and live by it.


  • Think deeply about things and search for the truth in the deepest cores of your conscience. Lets say when everyone says that a particular sect of people, religious, geographical or otherwise,  are bad, don’t you know deep down that this generalization cannot be true. So for instances like this, be fearless enough to voice the truth.


  • Start meditating regularly. It is the only way known to man for understanding ones true self and the path meant for him/her towards true happiness.


  • Lastly, have the courage to make your originality and uniqueness known. The voice that resonates the truth and nothing else. Only then would it be heard and your story would be told.

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