Important tips for handling overwhelmed situations or feelings

It is not always possible to keep your mind calm under heavy stress. Sometimes the stress gets better of you and your mind freezes. Feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon or a sign of weakness. We all feel more or less overwhelmed once in a while. The important thing is to cope with feeling overwhelmed and get back to your normal self. If you let your feelings of fear, surprise and anxiety overwhelm you; it can interrupt your tasks and duties. Panic attacks, crying and irritability are some of the outer expressions of feeling overwhelmed. Some people get overwhelmed easily, while others do not feel overwhelmed even under heavy stress. A person who is feeling overwhelmed will not be able to think rationally and make many mistakes in his/her work. In this article, you will find useful tips for handling such situations.

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Learn time management:

Most people feel overwhelmed when they have got too much work to do yet no time to finish it. If you learn and practice the rules of time management then you will never feel overwhelmed due to the scarcity of time. The basic principle of time management is to divide your time for the different works you have got to do and finish them without procrastination.


Sometimes we fail to do the important works and spend too much time on small things. Always try to make a to-do list and plan your day ahead of time. Keep more time for the important tasks so that you don’t feel stressed or pressurized. Tasks that have a definite deadline should be worked on prior to the works that do not have deadlines. Make sure that the time you keep for working is utilized properly and do not get diverted by phone calls or texting.

Acknowledge your stress:

Do not fight your feelings of anxiety or else they will increase. Accept the fact that you are stressed and anxious and try to cope with it. Take deep breaths and focus on finding out a way to deal with the anxiety.

Take positive actions:

You have to decide if there is something you can do that can change the situation. If you have lots of pending work then you should start working on one, finish it and then move to the next. Do not try to undertake more work than you can handle. Multitasking when you are feeling overwhelmed is a bad idea.

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