Useful ideas for love-birds in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are not easy to manage, but with patience and understanding most of such relationships work. Here are some shared useful ideas to keep you going.

Send them surprise presents and/or gifts. This will make them smile and have a bright day.
Communicate through effectively call- both voice and video calls, send messages and multimedia. Use all technological avenues like WhatsApp, Skype, twitter, Facebook, mails etc.

Make a commitment to each other and keep to it. Be faithful at all times. Pay total attention to your partner when communicating. Listen carefully so as to answer correctly. Trust him/her and be trustworthy too. Mistrust ruins relationships. Respect your partner. Do whatever they need you to do even if they can’t verify then. Own up mistakes done in their absentia and seek for forgiveness. This brings honesty and trust. Send hand written love notes to each other. They carry more weight than a text message and are more romantic.

Meet each other once in a while. Involve them in your day to day activities so that you grow together. Update them on new happenings or change of events. Plan the future together. Talking about it gives more meaning to the relationship.  Set objectives and timelines for that.

Send them videos and photos of the current situations so that they are updated too. Learn to be patient. Long term relationships rely on this attribute a lot because not everything will always happen at its desired time. Encourage them when they are down and call a friend who stays around them to take them to hospital when they are sick. Remind them of their childhood memories and make fun about it.

Have rules and regulations to guide both of you in the relationship. Let it be clear what either of you likes or dislikes. Communicate your feelings at all times. Tell him when you are angry, furious or sick. Create a common account where both of you contribute into. There are different modes of money transfers available for the long distance partner. Flirt a lot when communicating. It keeps romance high.

Both of you should know each other’s pals. Inform your partner about them. Manage your time well. Be able to do your work as well as have time to communicate with them. Plan your relocation so that you can live together in future. This creates hope for a better future.

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