How women can rekindle their romance this winter

Men tend to get easily disinterested in a relationship as compared to women. Cold seasons are not good for romance but women have the ability to rekindle the love and romance that brought them together in the following ways:

Find time alone

Find time to be together, without the kids and other family members. Go on a trip or spent the night in a hotel. Have private time to discuss private and romance matters. Make it worthy and give it your best. Dress well for the occasion and reconnect.

Surprise him with a gift

Be it flowers, clothes, belt or shoes, surprise gifts are very romantic. It shows you really care and are concerned about your love life and marriage. It brings back memories of your pre-marital era when love was on the air.

Be passionate

Touch each other and hold hands whether sitting or walking. The idea here is to get together all the time. The connection arouses feelings in both of you and keeps your love burning. Be positive and cheerful all the time. A pessimist has no hope for the future and thus does not care about the present. Focus on the positive side of life and have a reason to smile. Forgive and forget past mistakes and focus on the present and the future.

Go out together

Watch a live concert together. Create time to go watch this together.  Alternatively you can watch movies together in or outside the house. This keeps winter stress related issues at bay and lets you have the best of each other.

Dress him warm

Keep him warm throughout the season so that the cold does not take a toll on him. Have good warm beddings to keep you comfortable.

Be adventurers

Take a walk, observe winter effects in the city or countryside, and be careful because the temperatures may drop very low. Cuddling him while in bed too makes you warm but is also hot and sexy. Ask the kids to stay out of bedroom to make room for some private time.

Do some sport together then have dinner

Couple skating for instance is best for you. Sports will exercise your body muscles thus keeping you fit and bringing you together. Have an outdoor dinner arranged for you two with soft romantic music on the background.  Extend the dinner by having breakfast together in bed in the morning.

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