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The happiest person in the world

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A Young boy whose name was Jim went to a multinational corporation for an interview. The security guard asked him to wait for a while. Jim sat right in front of him. He noticed that the guard was wearing a nice dress and had a stick in his hand. Everyone who was coming there was taking his permission to get inside the building.

Security guard

“You must be very happy with your life. I mean no one can enter into the building without your permission. Every single person has to show you his/her identity card before entering into the building. You hold an important position here, “Jim told him.

“No it’s not like that. I hate my life. I wanted a white-collar job. I’d rather be a receptionist. I think they have quiet an interesting job and they don’t even have to work that hard,’ the Guard aid in a low voice.

A few minutes later, the security guard gave him a nod to go inside the gate. Jim went inside and met a handsome receptionist who had a big smile on his face. He was wearing a black suit and he was nice to everyone. He asked Jim to wait for five minutes. After observing him for a few minutes, Jim went a step close and asked, “Sir you must be really happy with your job. You just have to sit here and make a few calls.”

“Yes, that’s true but it’s not what it looks like. I have to be nice to everyone even when I am in a bad mood. I hate my job,” the receptionist said.

Five minutes later, the receptionist asked Jim to go inside and said, “Go and meet our manager if you really want to see a happy person.”

Jim went inside and saw a person sitting inside a stylish office. The moment he stepped inside, Jim knew he was looking at the manager since he was so classy.

“May I come in sir,” Jim asked.

“Sure young man,” The manager said at the top of his voice.


Ten minutes later when the interview was over Jim put a smile on his face and after taking his permission he asked, “Sir, are you happy with your life? You just have to order around and everyone obeys you.”

The manager got on his feet and answered, “I wish I was the owner of this company. He has everything you can ever wish for.”

When Jim came out of manager’s cabin, he asked the receptionist about the owner of the company.  A few minutes later Jim was sitting right next to the owner of the company whom was quite a friendly to him. Jim didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask him the same question.


He looked at Jim with astonishment and said, “I want to live an ordinary life. I want to enjoy happy moments of everyday life. I am always busy making plans to expand my business. It is a never-ending race to make more and more money. I can hardly enjoy a good night sleep, I hate it. I bet even my security guard has that luxury.”

Jim came out with a smile on his face as he finally had the answer to all his questions.

There is actually no one who is happy with his/her life and the baseless comparisons make it even worse. Be happy with the kind of life god has given you since there is actually no end to human desires.

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