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The key to success is to breathe your dream


Mark’s parents always supported and encouraged him to follow his dreams. He would attend coaching classes and give his best to be a good soccer player. Even after coming back from school, he would always practice his lessons. His dream was to become a famous soccer player and to play for his nation. His parents wanted his dream to come true. He was working hard to realize his dream but success was running miles away from him. His parents were worried about him.


One day his father came to his room and said, “Is everything all right son? Your mother told me that you wanted to have a word with me about something important. She said you are behaving strange these days.”

Mark offered a chair to his dad and said, “Dad, I don’t know where to start. My life is moving in a wrong direction. I am trying hard to achieve my goal but nothing seems to work. I fear my dreams will get shattered. I need your help. Sometimes I feel like going back to my routine life as it seems impossible to achieve my goal.”

Mark knew his father could help since he always had a solution to his problems. His father was a wise man who wanted him to live life to the fullest. He sighed and said, “Sure son you can do that but I must tell you one thing. You have no existence without your dreams. Those people who realize their dream give it their all. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of achieving their goals. Giving up is not an option for them. They face failures but they never let their failures describe them. Every time they fall down they pull themselves together, shake their failures and fight back with extra vigor.”

“But I am trying my level best dad. I mean I try but do not get success,” Mark said,

“Dig deeper for the true meaning of hard work son. It means you eat, sleep and even breathe your dream. You can’t think of anything else but your dream. It’s easy to quit son but it takes away your chances to get success in life. The moment you start living in your comfort bubble, success goes miles away from you. Your dream gives you the strength to carry on, it gives you a hope for a better tomorrow, “his father explained.


His father sat next to him and said, “Success never comes easy to anyone, son. Those who get success do not leave a single stone unturned. They don’t leave things on chances as they have to prove themselves worthy of success. Those who are scared to work hard and give up easily can never be successful in life. It depends upon you. You always have the power to choose. Work the hardest and live a dream life or give up and be happy with what you have.”

The day Mark got the biggest lesson of his life. No doubt, he was working hard but he needed to push a little harder. He had to let his dream run into his veins so that it could strengthen his efforts. One cannot think of getting success in life until he/she gets a hang of success and live each moment

If it were so easy to get success in life, every single person would be successful and happy. Make yourself worthy of success and witness your life changing for good. It may be hard but who says It’s easy to turn your dreams into reality.

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