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Dealing with roommates requires certain knack and tact

How to deal with a roommate

Dealing with roommates requires certain knack and tact, failing which you will end up having frequent cat and dog fights that are never ending and will lead to great disturbance not just for you, but for others who co- exist with you. Discussed below are

How to deal with aging

A variety of inter-connected and decisive changes in our social, mental and physical lives get us closer to aging, a stage which is universal and unavoidable to ignore. While there’s no way to stop those creepy eyelids, grey hair and sagging skin tone,

How to deal with your anger

We all know that anger can be a really destructive emotion. It can show adverse effects on your health and if you are unable to deal with your anger skillfully, then it can affect virtually every other aspect of your life including relationships and caree

How to deal with fear

All the living organisms in this world experience fear in one form or the other. Human beings are not an exception too. The only solution to deal with fears is by learning how to overcome them.

How to deal with trauma

Traumatic experiences are one of the most difficult phases of our lives. However, what is even more difficult then it is the post traumatic stress and depression that follows such experiences. Here are some tips that can help you deal with trauma.

How to deal with a 3 year old

How to deal with a 3 year old

Your view of the world is skewed to that of your child’s. While your 3 year old always wants to push the boundaries and explore new things, you have your own set of rules which may not be flexible enough. Here are some steps which will help you in deali

How to deal with anxiety

With today’s hectic lifestyle, you will find every other person suffering from anxiety and high stress levels. This can have significant negative impact on both the physical and mental well being of a person. Read on further to know about some easy ways t

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