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How to deal with fear

All the living organisms in this world experience fear in one form or the other. Human beings are not an exception too. The only solution to deal with fears is by learning how to overcome them.

Know your fears

In order to find a solution to any problem, firstly, you must be aware of the problem’s existence. When you experience fear, you must know that something is making you uncomfortable. If you can realize your fears, then you can definitely overcome them. It is common for everybody to experience fear in this world. Some overcome it and some don’t. Ask yourselves whether you want to overcome your fears or simply give up by accepting them. There are different classification of fears like fear of air, fear of water, fear of color, fear of loneliness, fear of death, fear of disease, fear of rejection, fear of responsibility, and hundreds more. Although, these terms are scientifically different, they share a common problem: being uncomfortable about a particular situation that may happen only in the future. Take your own time to realize that you are actually experiencing fear. Once you have identified your fear, you can proceed to the next step in analyzing them.

Analyze your fears

After knowing your fears, you must analyze why you are uncomfortable with such situations. As mentioned earlier, there are many categories of fear. Some people choose to forget their fearful situations, instead of finding a solution to deal it. Don’t try to ignore fears; because, ignoring them is just a temporary solution. When you encounter similar situations again in your life, you will fail certainly if you don’t prepare to face it. List down all your fears on a sheet of paper. If you are comfortable in sharing this list with your friends or family members, do it; but, don’t try to take a solution from them, because they think from their own point of views, which might be unsuitable for your situations. Try to find the source for all your fears. When you have found the reason for your fears, boost yourselves that you are going to overcome them, irrespective of the difficulties and barriers that might come in your way.

Be positive

Once you have analyzed your fears, the next step is to believe that you have all the powers and capabilities to overcome your fears. You should focus on your strengths, instead of diverting attention towards your weaknesses. The concept is very simple. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. One who concentrates his attention more on his/her strengths will be more successful than the other who concentrates only on his/her weaknesses. This technique works for everybody irrespective of their location, age, gender, etc. Being positive not only eliminate your fears, but also inspire your friends and family members to follow your principles. When you have crossed this step successfully, you are almost in the final stage of dealing with fears.

Step out of your comfort zone

Most people create fear because they rarely step out of their comfort zone in their daily situations. To be specific, people take less chances to face uncertainty. Right from booking theater shows to train tickets, majority of the people will always prefer to plan their future. Planning is a very good habit. But relying on it at all circumstances doesn’t allow you to face unplanned situations. This is the significant reason for the formation of fear in your mind and body. When you practice to face unplanned situations, you will easily react to any uncertain moments in your life. All you need is patience and time to master your skills.

Accept failure

If you fail to deal with fears even after following the best techniques mentioned above, just accept your failure. Remember that failure is not a mistake; it’s just a sign that represents your forward motion towards success. But if you consider failures as the result of your efforts, then it is a very big mistake. Don’t run away from failures; instead, accept them and proceed forward towards your goal. Fear is just an imaginary factor that appears to frighten you. In reality, nothing would have happened as your fear says. Plunge into the real world and focus your attention on your strengths and positive skills. One day, you will hardly remember the existence of the word ‘Fear’. When you realize that you have mastered the skill of dealing with fears, share your techniques among your friends and relatives.

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