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How to deal with a flirt

How to deal with a flirt

Most people who are flirts do not mean any harm, but if flirting becomes increasingly irritating and happens in an office or educational institution, you might either be sending mixed signals or not being firm enough to stop the advances. Here is how to d

deal with being single

How to deal with being single

It’s not often that people find themselves unmarried and unattached. While being single is sometimes an imposed action, there are many other instances where being single happens because things did not work out exactly as planned. Whatever be the situati


How to deal with college students

The mind of college students is actually very sensitive and fragile. As they tend to cross the stage of ‘storm and stress’ there still remains a lot to attain in his/her personality. It is the responsibility of the grownups to understand this state of ind

How to deal with narcissist

Narcissist personality disorder is marked by superiority complex, self-obsession and acute display of emotions. To deal with a narcissist person – especially with the one who is closer to you – becomes a cumbersome task and demands a skillful handling

Teenagers tend to experience physical and emotional changes

How to deal with troubled teens

Teenagers tend to experience physical and emotional changes that may lead to teen troubles like depression, drug or alcohol abuse, relationship problems, anxiety, violence, identity crises, or issues with body image. See some of the steps to know how to d

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