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How to deal with college students


The mind of college students is actually very sensitive and fragile. As they tend to cross the stage of ‘storm and stress’ there still remains a lot to attain in his/her personality. It is the responsibility of the grownups to understand this state of individual growth and act in favor of offering them with a brighter future.

Understand the Challenges faced by a student in college

Understand various challenges that are faced by college students in their daily life, within the college campus. These challenges are related to their struggles in coping up with studies, maintaining living standards and to struggle with instances like showing off various accessories. It is very necessary to comprehend the mental status of the students and to make them feel comfortable amidst all kinds of situations. In many cases ‘brought up culture’ at home plays a very important role. It is very important to make a college student understand his/her limitations. Parents and Guardians must put themselves in the shoes of a college student and need to use those approaches through which they can make the student understand the practical set up of life. The same gets applicable in terms of coping up with studies and various other activities performed in the college.

Hurdles with money matters

College student needs more money to meet his/her tuition fees, costs of books and in adding other assets to his/her life. In this respect it is very important to teach him/her the value of budgeting. It is necessary that they add all those expenditure in their budget that seems to be part of their life. It is great if you can track the budget followed by him/her. You need to make the student understand the ideology of ‘saving money is money earned’. Gifting friends and spending in canteen are some of the common habits adopted by college students. In such cases, always teach them to earn money through some fair means like, participating in some websites whereby the students can aid themselves with scholarships and personal deposit profiles. While earning by his/her own way, always teach them not to fall in any wrong hands. There are many other ways like working as part timer in various organizations or being into trainee staff for some companies to meet day to day expenditure. While encouraging them in all these aspects make sure that they are not compromising much with their studies.

Dealing with depression in College student

There are many cases, when the college student finds no room to express his/her frustrations or depressions. This is an instance that can be caused by increasing competition in the academics; personal issues with various relationships, especially in case of girlfriends/boyfriends; situations related to the job perspectives etc. These causes severe depression in the college student and he/she usually never attains success in deriving an appropriate solution to resolve these aspects. Parents and Guardians must make the student understand the practical aspects of life and need to assist him/her without applying any competitive stress over him/her. There should be an absolute friendly relationship with the college student so that he/she can share the causes of depression in him/her. Sensitive issues related to any relationship must get handled more carefully and need to get sorted by offering instances of personal experiences if any. He/she must be made to believe that it is the way the whole world is and that he/she is no exception. You can always engage them in some alternative practices like, yoga or meditation classes, or can make them join relevant fields of their choice. In case of serious instances of depression always consult a psychiatrist for positive revival from the stress in him/her.

Try to understand psychology of College student

The psychology or mental status of college student remains at a very fragile stage and thus he/she must be handled with all care and warmth. Realization about challenges and to suggest the student with appropriate solution can be of great help. Never irk him/her or get rude illogically. Be calm and more composed while dealing with things that are tough for him/her. Offer adequate amount of assistance in resolving his/her troubles and make it a habit in offering him/her a friendly hand, so that he/she can open up to you and can tell you about all his/her problems. Be practical and understand his/her feelings and agony and then attempt to resolve the same. It is necessary to be more composed and logical while answering and discussing matters with them.

Personal Participation in his/her Activities

It is the responsibility of the Parents and Guardians to participate in the activities performed by the college student. Personal meetings and participations are always better than any conversation over phone. By making the college student confident about your positive approach, you can make him/her perform in the best possible way. If you keep on supporting him/her for all good causes then there would be least possibilities for him/her to get into anything wrong. Your encouragement and presence will always boost them in performing things that will offer them with better social recognition. Discuss with him/her about those aspects that can modify his/her performance in the next done. It is necessary to make them realize about self satisfaction in performance rather than being into any competitive niche. Make them understand that it is more necessary to believe in self and perform for self satisfaction than to get into the rat race.

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