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How to deal with unjust criticism

Criticism throws light upon any decision or suggestion made

Criticism throws light upon any decision or suggestion made. It is generally offered for the betterment of an individual or an organization. Criticism can be at home or at workplace. Your parents may not be happy with a decision taken by you. Your boss may not be happy with your official commitments. Often criticism, comes from people who are not qualified to criticize you. Learn to take life in its stride and deal with criticism. Given below are 5 tips to deal with unjust criticism.

Have an open mind

Consider criticism with an open mind. Your boss might criticize you for some mistake you might not have committed. Take this in your stride. Its normal for people to criticize. Everyone in the job gets criticized for decisions taken at some point of time. Do not let criticism hamper the progress of your work.

Remember the golden rule. People will criticize you even if you do something good. Have an open mind and carry on with life. This is the best way to deal with criticism.

Take it in your stride

Just ignore criticism. Smile and pause to listen to what the person criticizing you has to say. People who do not adore you will anyhow criticize every decision of yours. Learn to take this in your stride.

Another way to deal with unjust criticism is to ponder as to why the person is criticizing you. Sometimes criticism even come from people who like us. They might not be happy the way, we take certain decisions in life.

It’s high time, you listen to them. This will not only help you mend your ways but will also let you take criticism in your stride, as you learn to differentiate between unjust criticism and worthy suggestions.

Distinguish between feedback and insult

An imperative of learning to deal with unjust criticism is the development of ability to make distinction between genuine feedback and insult. You must be dealing with random people at work. Sometimes people offer suggestions, but it seems that the tone of the suggestion is unworthy. This makes a genuine feedback seem like an insult. Learn to make distinction between genuine feedback and insult. Be calm, cool and have the ability to listen with patience in such cases.

Once you are able to distinguish between genuine feedback and insult, it will be but natural that you will develop the ability to deal with unjust criticism.

Remember that genuine feedback will help you progress in life, no matter how harsh the tone of the person appears. Distinct between the two and move on in life.

Look for the source of criticism

Always look for the source of criticism. It often happens that the person who is making unjust criticism about you is not qualified to criticize you. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you are about to start a business. You ask your parents about their opinion. In all its fairness, your parents will criticize you for this endeavor, in case if they are not into business. This is sure to discourage you and you may not venture forward with the business idea.

However, this problem has another perspective. Are your parents well qualified to criticize this decision of yours? The answer is no. Since, they are not into business, they do not understand the significance of your decision. Take consultation from someone who is already in business. You will not only get worthy suggestion but will also avoid being criticized.

Therefore, always look for the source of criticism and in case the source is not qualified to criticize you, you already know, what to do.

Let it pass

This is also a phase. It will get away. Focus on positive things in life and divert your mind from criticism. If the decision you have taken has the ability to make your future bright, this temporary phase of unjust criticism will not harm you.

Let it pass. A worthy way of getting over the phase of criticism is to attend things and activities, you tend to ignore due to lack of time. If you like photography, go all out, take a few worthy clicks. This will help your focus shift from the impending problem and after a point of time, you will notice that the difficult phase has passed over.

Always divert attention in such times. It’s no point thinking of criticism, all the time. Instead, focus on bright aspects of your life.

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