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How to deal with narcissist

Narcissist personality disorder is marked by superiority complex, self-obsession and acute display of emotions. To deal with a narcissist person – especially with the one who is closer to you – becomes a cumbersome task and demands a skillful handling.

Inculcate good listening abilities within yourself

As a narcissist lacks the capacity to put himself into other person’s shoe, it is useless to expect that he will understand what you have to say or share! If you are dealing with a narcissist who is your spouse or a close family member, it’s always advisable to inculcate good listening skills within yourself, as this will help you in your long-term relationship.

Narcissists are completely self engrossed people; they are always looking for those to whom they can boast their over-importance. In this situation, it is better that you simply avoid sharing your own thoughts and feelings to them. If you will try to confide into a narcissist, your thoughts and ideas will never be heard or appreciated, and this will only bring you utter disappointment.

Build up a strong and secured aura around yourself

Be a good listener, but don’t simply allow the narcissist to exploit your generosity. Since, narcissism is a personality disorder, you simply don’t have control over the person’s behavior and action, but that doesn’t mean you will succumb to the narcissist’s self-driven emotions. Go with the flow but maintain your self esteem and don’t be easily approachable. Remember, if you strengthen your aura even the dodgiest narcissist will think twice before flinging his self-obsessed abstractions on to you.

Since narcissists are completely self-obsessed people – craving for unwanted recognition and dignitary treatment – it is quite inappropriate for a normal person to expect equal treatment from a narcissist.

Be liberal in giving acknowledgements

Everyday we deal with people of different attitudes, behaviors and personalities. Narcissist is yet another trait we find in some people around us. It is definitely true that narcissists literally crave for undue praise and recognition. They live in some unrealistic world and think that the world revolves around them. They are attention seekers and long to become center of attraction. Since, narcissists suffer from superiority complex they live in an imaginary world. Social experts suggest that a normal social person deals with at least one narcissist per day, on an average, be it a close one or a distant. They tend to think that people are envious of their quality and status, but realistically it’s the other way round. So, to be on good terms with a narcissist it is wise to appreciate his actions/ideas by giving him timely recognition. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the same in return!

Be selective in picking up new conversations and avoid unnecessary confrontations

It is better to be tactful while starting a fresh conversation. Especially if you encounter narcissists outside your home or the one not closer to you, be wise enough to pick up general topics. Ask close ended questions and avoid getting too much personal. But, it should be noted that narcissists are generally sensitive and feel offended quite easily. Try to be neutral but not rude.

To enter into face-offs is extremely imprudent and is the last thing to do while dealing with narcissists. Given the type of nature they possess, they will literally enjoy confrontations, but at the end of the day you will be the one who will lose precious time and energy. If you doubt or disagree with their view point try to explain them judiciously and even after they refuse to see reasons, avoid forcing your beliefs or ideas on them.

Close the conversation carefully

Never try to challenge a narcissist and always try to be on neutral terms. This way you will keep your peace of mind and none would be hurt! If you want to close a conversation, never answer back. Remember, narcissists have this tendency to show off their false superiority. So, if you close any conversation out of losing patience, chances are high that they will bounce back on you the next time they get any chance.

Finally, narcissism is a personality disorder and it hurts if someone very close to you has this kind of disorder. However psychotherapy has been proved quite helpful in bringing narcissists to the realist world by throwing proper insight into their self-image; bringing awareness and realistic approach towards humanity into them.

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