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How to deal with being single

deal with being single

It’s not often that people find themselves unmarried and unattached. While being single is sometimes an imposed action, there are many other instances where being single happens because things did not work out exactly as planned. Whatever be the situation that has led you to be single, there are ways to deal with it.

Surround yourself with good friends

Being single is not a crime these days. You have your life and no one can dictate the terms. Talk to your dear friends and always surround yourself with friends and positive minded people who do not reproach you or ask questions about your single status. Good friends will always support you and care for you through thick and thin and will make an effort without your interference to make your life happy and interesting. If you have such friends, you can be assured that your single status is never going to be an issue. In the absence of such friends, join a group or a class where you can develop friends who can keep you occupied. Clubs for singles would be a good idea if you are the type who loves to mingle. Who knows, you might even find your soul mate from such a club and end your single status.

Take up some hobby or activity

Being single could lead you to loneliness if you do not have friends and relatives to support you. This could be true when you are working in another country, away from your home. You could explore some hobby classes or take up other activities that help you mingle and attain peace of mind like a yoga or meditation class. Exercise is another way to cultivate a positive mind and body. Do not remain in the house or use a home gym. Get out and go cycling, jogging, swimming, or to the nearby gym or aerobic classes. You will meet several others who may be in similar situations and backgrounds and can mingle with them, creating good friendships. Exercise and other activities that are pleasing to your mind will keep you away from brooding and help you mix with the outside world without getting isolated. A better body and a happy mind will also increase your confidence and help you become more open to relationships. This is especially good if you have had a recent breakup or a divorce.

Plan outings

Fun outings with friends or family will help you rewind and forget about your status. Invite friends in advance so than you can plan elaborate dinner parties, get-togethers and socializing events. This will help you have a great time always and not suffer bouts of loneliness as well. Plan elaborate vacations as you would have done if you had been in a relationship. You can plan to go in a group with friends or family, or alone if you love to travel alone and explore places. Plan your outings and get-togethers around the time when you start feeling the weight of being alone. During these instances, make it a point to call friends or family over for a few days stay or vice versa. Fun time is essential for people who stay alone as it will help them get back the vigor to live and expect good things to happen in their life. Invite people who are in similar situations as well and have a conversation with them or go out together. This will help you realize that you are not the only one who is alone and there are others as well who are waiting to get along.

Volunteer your time

Volunteering for social organizations is a good way to spend your time outside of work. Apart from being with your friends who have their own lives, getting involved with charity work will help you feel good. These times that you spend in contemplation and interaction with the less privileged will give you a lot of peace of mind and satisfaction and prevent you from thinking about your single and lonely status.

Get a pet

Whatever you do, if you are staying alone, you still have to come back to your apartment and feel alone all over again. Getting a pet would help in such cases. Pets make wonderful companions and the time and energy spend caring for them will reduce the feeling of being alone. Take your pet out for a walk, interact with others who have pets, and do funny little things with your pet to relax and keep loneliness at bay.

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