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How to deal with a shy girl


It is almost difficult to find shy girls these days. But they do exist and many men do not know how to deal with them, making things awkward for them and scaring them off in the process. If you have gotten interested in a shy girl and do not have a clue as to how to proceed, here are the rules for the game.

Be patient and understanding

Shy girls need lot of reassurance and time to open up and hence, you need to be very patient and understanding towards her. Allow her to take her own time to unwind and make sure that you don’t push her into opening up, lest she should get scared and backs off. Treat her with respect and respect her privacy as well. By being patient and understanding, you will slowly help her overcome her fears and doubts and help her start trusting you as well. With time, when she comes to know that you can be relied upon, she will start opening up to you. Again, this is going to be a slow process. Do not scare her by advancing too soon or asking her out too fast after she has warmed up towards you. Be patient as she could still be watching your actions and reactions and making her mind up. It is important that you reflect the attitudes and fears and act accordingly if you are genuinely interested in this girl. Taking time should not put you off as once you earn her trust, it is for keeps.

Sincerity and honesty wins

Being sincere and honest about your feelings can win the heart of shy girls. Shy girls have a greater sense of understanding when it comes to seeing through cheaters and dishonest people with devious minds. So, if you are sincere and honest and appreciate her for what she is, she will slowly start trusting you and believing in you. Be sure to give her genuine compliments and ask her for advice in whatever you are involved in. Try to involve her in all your activities and ask her opinion before everything you do. Let her know that you value her advice. This will help her feel confident and happy and the fact that you accept her can do wonders for her self esteem.

Win her trust

Winning the trust of a shy girl is very difficult. Lot of patience and reassurance is needed for this. The first step towards earning her trust is to introduce her to your close friends. This will make her feel accepted and help her understand your habits and preferences. Slowly, you can introduce her to her family members. This is an even more important task and must be done only if you are completely sure about your feelings for her. A wrong step here will destroy all her confidence not only in you, but in men in general. On the contrary, if you have parents with whom you are very free, you can go ahead and introduce her to them before you introduce her to your friends itself. Shy girls consider such things as important and as a sign that you are serious about her and genuinely want to be close to her.

Allow time for her to open up

Introducing her to your near and dear ones will help her confide in you and you will soon see her becoming more close and sharing her dreams and fantasies to you. Allow her to slowly open up. Introduce her to all the activities and events that you are a part of. Take her along when you go for outings with friends, movies, get-together’s and casual night outs. Be with her whenever you can and make it a point to invite her home as much as you can. All these things will surely make her trust you and once she starts trusting you completely, there is no looking back.

Listen and let her talk

Soon, your shy girl will start talking to you without inhibition. Make sure that you listen to her with so much care and interest, which should come naturally if you are genuinely interested in her. Do not interrupt her when she is sharing her thoughts and life with you. Let her trust you and enjoy your companionship. Allow her to talk as much as she wants and then you can offer your opinions, suggestions, support, trust and care to her. Finally, you have learnt how to deal with a shy girl and won her heart in the bargain.

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