Signs that show you are on the path of true love

You meet someone from the opposite sex but you do not feel anything special about him or her, but one fine day you meet someone else and you suddenly feel that she or he is the one you ever wanted in your life. It sounds weird but is true, as you do not click to everyone but only few and only one of them you finally decide to spend your entire life with.

But what is it that makes one feel so, is it some magic or a dream that lets us know with whom we should click or not. Well, it is no magic and neither is it any dream, rather a combination of gut feeling and mental analysis that tells your heart regarding your soul mate.

Top signs that tell you he/she is the ONE

Here are some telltale signs that help one know that he or she is the one they had been looking for:


Transparency is one big value you must look for in someone you are hoping to be your soul mate for life. Being transparent means being honest just about everything. Suppose you meet a man who boasts about his family and career so hard and soon you get to know that all that he told was a sheer lie. On the other hand, you meet a man who from day one is honest about himself, his life and career, as in, he does not fake anything in order to impress you and forms true and honest opinions about you as well. Such a man or a woman can be your potential soul mate.


They are not the ones who commit to meet you at the theatre but later ditch you well on time. This is a small instance though but commitment is commitment, be it a small instance like this or a major instance like committing to marry you and later on ditching you in future. You can judge a person’s commitment even in the smallest of actions he does.


Their dedication towards you is so strong that you never feel alone, insecure, or sad. They find it to be their responsibility to keep you happy all the time, and for that they never mind walking that extra mile for you. They make you feel as if you are the only one they are happy with and can easily spend their entire life with. If you come across such a person in life, you need not think twice but to get hooked up to them for life.

Pampering tales—judging your partner by how he/she treats you

Check for mutual respect

One check that can help you decide whether he or she is worthy of being your soul mate is to consider whether they respect you as you respect them. In other words, check for mutual respect. A relationship cannot survive long if only one partner respects, mutual respect must prevail in a relationship.

Makes you feel on cloud nine every time

A man or a woman, whom you are eyeing to be your future soul mate cares for you, does everything he could to make you feel special, and never hesitates putting in extra efforts to make you feel on cloud nine the chances are high that he or she can become your perfect soul mate.

Loves you unconditionally

If your newfound love loves you without expecting much in return, or lets you enjoy doing everything you like and the way you like is certainly someone who can be a great soul mate of you for lifetime.

Looking into someone’s eyes, you can never find whether they can be your soul mate or not but knowing some telltale signs can certainly help you do so.

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