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Useful strategies to help you deal with alcoholic spouse

Useful strategies to help you deal with alcoholic spouse

Rosy has an alcoholic husband, who pours a few drinks every day and pops up a pill whenever he feels ‘depressed.’ No matter how hard she tries not to let this affect their relationship, the truth is that she feels frustrated and victimized. Always concerned about the health of her husband, she has been into many arguments with him over his drinking problems. But each time, he would shrug it off. Under alcohol influence he would tell her how much he loved her, but this didn’t affect her, for she believed he never cared for her or the kids. Over the years, his countless lies, his abandoning of her and his broken promises have left her numb. Recently, she decided to leave the relationship so that she could have a better future for herself and her children.

Are you one of those who have a story similar to Rosy? Is alcohol trying to destroy your relationship?

Well, take a step and a lead if you really want to end your frustration and carve a beautiful future for your family. Try these coping mechanisms to deal with your alcoholic spouse-

Talk when s/he is sober

Alcoholics make a number of promises when they drunk, mostly they tell you how they will leave drinking for good. But sadly, these promises are left unfulfilled. If you want to give it a try, talk to your spouse when s/he is sober. Tell them that the problem of drinking is ruining your home. Ask him/her to see a counsellor if they say that drinking seems to be the solution for their depression.

Rehab facilities

Again, whenever your partner is sober, talk about rehab facilities. Ask them to check into an alcoholic rehab centre to deal with the trouble. Question them if they love you. If you get an affirmative response, then request them to check in a rehab. If that doesn’t work, threaten that you would leave her/him with kids if they don’t check in.

Deal with the abuse

In a lot of cases, alcoholic spouses, especially males are involved in abuse. They would hit, throw and hurl abuses at you. Just because they are under the influence of alcohol doesn’t mean that you should take them. In such cases, it is better to ask her/him to take psychological intervention. If they don’t agree, then it is better for your own good and for your family to leave them. In case the situation is worse, keep handy the telephone numbers of an NGO or support center that can help you as soon as possible.

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