Simple tips to help you handle women’s emotions

For long, people have tried to tell us that both genders are equal. But they are not – they have different ways of dealing with things, have a different spectrum of emotions and need different strategies for coping. It is true that they should be provided equal opportunities, but at the same time, they need different mechanisms for dealing.

One such area includes emotions. Although men and women have a wide range of emotions, it is difficult for men to understand that women need a different, unique approach when it comes to handling their emotions. Men therefore, need to be more intuitive and realize that they have a different perspective and different ways to express and deal. If you are one of those men who wishes to deal with a woman’s emotions, then follow these tips:

Be flexible

Women tend to be more honest as well as more vocal about their emotions. Therefore, they tend to speak more when they are sad or angry. Mostly, all they want to do is get you to talk or communicate, but when they fail, their anger overwhelms them, leading them to say things that might be hurtful to you. Nevertheless, you will have to be flexible and realize that they don’t really mean those things and are only presenting their frustration. So, don’t give a cold shoulder to them and rather sit with them and let them express. Once they say what’s on their mind, apologize if you feel you are wrong and make up.

Don’t resolve

A woman doesn’t tell you her problems because she wants a solution. So, don’t try to resolve her problems. Although, you might feel that by telling her to leave early or by explaining her to stop trusting easily, you are doing her good, but you are actually doing yourself harm. Women generally believe that they have the capability to solve their problems and all they want is someone to listen. So, listen to her and make her feel that you care.

Don’t stonewall

Most men believe that when their women counterparts are too hormonal or they get too sad, overwhelmed or angry, they must stop speaking. But not speaking or stonewalling is not a way to deal with women’s emotions. This will only make them feel that you don’t care and would further aggravate their emotions. In such cases you should respond and act in a caring, loving manner.

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