How to deal with negativity of everyday life – Guide

The world is so full of negative thoughts that you end up in the middle of nowhere if you let the negativity enter in your life. When you have full control over your life and its events, you experience happiness all around you. How you can free your mind from the negativity of external world and useless thoughts? Let us have a look at it.

Negativity is a harmful approach in any aspect of your life. It can disturb your mental faculties in the biggest way. Thus, it is essential to keep negative thoughts away from your mind. If you constantly think about certain negative results from your past life, then it is time for you to push away such thoughts and circumstances away from your mind and from your life. Negating the negativity is the only way to become optimistic in life. Here are some tips.

You can choose to be yourself

be yourself

Ever since you are born, you start following ways of external world and start making comparisons with all others around you. This not only hinders your natural growth but also takes away your true self from you.  Start living life your way and do not let others control it. Do what you want to do, say things you want to say without trying to be like others. We all are born unique but this is our own foolishness that brings us on the same platform. It’s good to be your true self.

It takes a wrong to be right


When you make a mistake, you learn to make right decisions in life. Only your mistakes educate you to differentiate and make you a wise decision maker in life. Those who do not have a fear of making a mistake are creative and productive people. They are unlike many others who do not try simply because they are too scared of facing failure or making a mistake.

Happiness is only a choice

Portrait of a woman laughing with a perfect teeth

Your job, education, money or relationships, actually nothing makes you happy. You own thoughts and attitude is responsible for your happiness. Happiness starts and ends with you. You are miserable when you let negativity overpower your thoughts and do not even realize that.  It actually costs nothing, chose happiness and live life to the fullest.

Appreciate good times and accept bad times

Happy man sitting at desk in the office

Life is a perfect blend of happiness and sorrows. One can never expect to live a life that has not troubles in it. Learn to hold your head high when you are going through a rough phase of your life. You always have something to be thankful for even when you struggle. If you start making a list of valuable things or people in your life, you would only consider yourself blessed.  If you think carefully, you would get to know that what you have is enough to keep you happy for a lifetime.

Life may not be perfect but it’s worth living

No one has a perfect life since there is no such thing as perfection. Find happiness in imperfect moments of life and make it complete. You would agree with the fact that every new day brings a new hope and a new dream along with it. Do not take things for granted since there may be no tomorrow.

Have faith in the ways of universe

Have faith in the ways of universe

Change is the law of nature. Everything changes with time for good or bad.  Learn to shift you viewpoint from negative to positive so that you do not lose hope for a better tomorrow. Keep yourself strong in the face of adversities and appreciate good times of your life since some things are meant to happen anyway. You must have full faith in the ways of universe as it has a perfect plan for all of us.

No one has time to judge you

No one has time to judge you

Your biggest fear instigate from your brain. Each one of us is worried about what others think of us. To your amazement, the people you are worried about have the same fear on their minds. The best part is that it gives you the liberty to live your life your way. Do not let your fear control your happiness since no one has time to pass his/her judgment on you.

Do not let negativity steal your happiness since each single day is a blessing for you. Life is never going to be easy; it is complex and full of troubles at each step. This is the beauty of life, it hardly gives you a moment to relax and look back. Feed good thoughts to your brain and expect the best results of your efforts.

Here’s how you say goodbye to negativity

Here’s how you say goodbye to negativity

Avoid negative influences

It is your own mind and you have the right to decide what should enter inside and what should not. If you want to negate negativity, then you will have to stop negative influences from entering your mind. Cut yourself away from sources of negative information. For example, you may see some hate shows going on television. If you think these shows may induce negativity in your mind and kill your happiness, then you should get away from your television and involve in another interesting task that you like to do. Similarly, you should avoid negative influences from people around you.

Keep yourself away from thoughts of the worst

While many people start thinking deeply about the worst when something negative happens, you have to avoid doing this. Negativity only initiates from such thoughts that become the root of it. Before it is too late to get rid of such deep roots of negativity, take yourself away from such thoughts altogether. Whenever your mind starts thinking of the worst, remind it to stop. You should try to shift your focus from this thought of the worst to the thoughts of your happy moments.

Plan without anticipating hordes

When you make plan to achieve any of your goals, it is not required that you are guided by a large number of people. Avoid expecting hordes on all your life events. Be a planner yourself and avoid thinking yourself to be inferior to anybody. Leave pessimistic thoughts aside and always develop positive plans for your life. Plan effective goals and start working toward them. It is most important to listen to yourself than to listen to everybody else around you.

Give time to success

When you work toward your goals, success does not come instantly. You should wait patiently and keep working. Give time to success for entering your life. As you go on reaching your targets in life, success will keep coming to you. Even if you fail at initial steps or face obstacles on your way to goals, you need to learn from them and avoid committing the same mistakes again. When you cross all obstacles on the path to success, it will automatically be seen in front. Do not expect every single goal to bring success to you. Instead, keep moving while learning on your way.

Avoid seeking information from gossips

You should also avoid from participating in gossips or taking them seriously as a source of information. Remember that most of the people gossiping about others are only jealous of them. If they are providing some information, then it may hold their own negative views and thoughts. Not all gossip information is true and valid. Thus, it is only going to pollute your mind with negative information.

If you are interested in finding out the facts, then search for some valid data or information sources. Many people form opinions about things or individuals based on their gossips. This may not be true and the information may backfire. Thus, stay away from gossips and seek valid sources of information.

Guide to get rid of useless thoughts

Useless thoughts often drive our mind towards negativity as we start apprehending the worst in every event that we come across in our life. It overshadows rational thinking as we get into over thinking mode. It’s always good to analyze a situation before you take a step further but over thinking can take your goals miles away from you. Especially during tough times like now, when all you come across on the Internet is negative news, breaking the maze of the repetitive thoughts could become especially more challenging. You get confused between different choices and find it hard to initiate action.

Over thinking not only takes away your ability to form a conclusion but also makes you feel stuck. It could drain your energy to the point when you even start ignoring all the positive things around you. When you are going through such a phase in life, the best thing you can do is you can become aware of the fact that these are just confusing thoughts, and if you make an effort you can easily get rid of them. Here are a few simple tips to come out of the web of useless thoughts and to make wise decisions:

Seven Tips to get rid of useless thoughts

1. Admit the truth

If you are moving round and round in a circle and find it too hard to make a decision then you must acknowledge the truth. Having a little bit of anxiety is quite natural but when you find yourself thinking about the same issue repeatedly then you must be aware. If you are so worried about the possible consequences that you cannot relax for a while then you must accept it. This is the first step towards a solution. Admit the truth and take action.

2. Look at the big picture

Life is too short to think over the same trouble for million times. Your hardships would hardly make a difference five years from now, let apart a decade. Develop a broader perspective to look at your life; you will see that all your troubles are irrelevant. Time changes, so do your requirements and needs. Something that seems important at this point of time would lose its importance after a while. Live in present and enjoy each moment of your life.

3. Time frame your decisions

When you find it hard to make a decision, you keep postponing that for an unlimited period and this poses a problem. The best solution is to set a time limit to make decisions. It helps you make good decisions and that too within a time limit. Make sure you set a time limit that allows you to look the problem from all different aspects at least once.

4. Get into action

One must pay attention to the task and start taking actions right away. Thinking over your troubles helps you make a plan that guarantees success but over thinking keeps you from taking action. A little progress on daily basis is necessary no matter how slowly you move towards your goals. Always remember that it’s not a plan but the completion of your plan that gets you closer to your goals.

5. Practice a healthy routine

Get up early with a positive frame of mind and feel like a winner who is set out to make new achievements in life. Make sure you exercise daily, be it aerobics, yoga, weight training or meditation. This keeps you stress free and relaxes your mind to focus on your goals. It is important to free your mind from all troubles that steal your energy and time.

6. Don’t be a control freak

Prepare a plan

It is good to keep things in control but you certainly cannot control the uncontrollable. One must not try to be obsessive with a need to control almost everything in life. Make plans that are flexible in nature and are modifiable with time. Give your best and leave the rest.

7. Do not lose your focus

Set your targets, consider all the possibilities and take action on regular basis. If you find it hard to keep yourself focused, then stick small notes in your room that keep reminding you of your everyday tasks or make a to-do-list. You can also use motivational phrases to keep yourself up spirit all the time.

Seven thoughts that can drag you down

Life is meaningless without dreams to follow. Your dreams give you hope and the strength to work the hardest. Those who do not have any dream stuff their lives with regrets and get disappointed in the end. Your thoughts control your actions and the way you feel. Powerless thoughts can take you miles away from your dreams and make it hard to realize them. Here are seven thoughts that you should always try to stay away from. 

1. Perfection is an important ingredient


Those who think that it is important to attain perfection to achieve your goals fail to understand that perfection lies now where. Such thoughts keep them from making efforts, let alone getting success. However, the truth is that you have to keep yourself positive and make constant efforts to get success in life. 

2. You can use some more time

opportunity to explore

It is good to be sure, as it gives you the confidence that you truly deserve success but it is also true that you are never prepared. The world is full of opportunities for those who are always ready to give their best shot. Those who keep waiting for the right moment never get a chance to prove themselves. It is hard to survive initially when you come out of your comfort zone but with time, you get used to it. Once you lose an opportunity, you may never get a chance to prove yourself worthy of success.

3. Failures must not be an option


Most people do not even try, as they do not want to keep failure as an option, which is a hypothetical situation. The fact is that failure is the first step towards success. Your failures give you learning that further helps you move forward in life. Learn to embrace your failures as they actually turn you into a wiser person. 

4. You need luck on your side

successful male

Those who think that you need luck to get success in life close their eyes to the hard work that actually goes into it. When you work hard with a positive frame of mind and do not lose sight of your goals you get lucky in life. Winners usually have a history of months of hard work that actually help them make themselves worthy of success. 

5. Everyone would laugh

disappointed male

All have their own demons to deal with. Even if people laugh at you that must not keep yourself from moving ahead in life. It is difficult to keep everyone happy. If you let others call shots in your life, you may have to end up feeling disappointed. Do what your heart tells you to do even if others do not agree with you. Let people laugh at you if they think that you are setting your goal a bit higher. Keep moving ahead with strong determination and one mindedness, as you are responsible for your happiness.

6. You do not have it in you

keep working hard towards your goals

It is a mere misconception that some people are more talented than others. Those who have full faith in their abilities and who value each moment they have are talented people. As they say practice makes you perfect, keep working hard towards your goals until you achieve them. Those people who do not let their failures describe them get success in life. 

7. You must not take a risk

take risk in life

To tell you the truth risk is involved in each and everything you ever do in your life. The higher the risk the bigger the success as you can never make an achievement without taking a risk in life.

Thoughts form the basis of your actions and actions lead to success. Powerless thoughts and self-beliefs have the power to paralyze your will power and to take you in an altogether different direction.

Six thoughts that can help you overcome confusion

Your life and its happiness rely primarily on what you say to yourself. If you say things that motivate you in one way or another, you can make a huge difference in your life. On the contrary, self-defeating thoughts may prove to be toxic for your happiness. Each moment you think you are busy working on some or the other thing, thoughts keep revolving round and round in your head. They have the power to make you stronger or weaker. You believe and eventually turn into the kind of a person you guide yourself to be. Here are a few thoughts that you have to keep miles away from you: 

1. If only thoughts

You can hardly expect yourself to achieve something in life when you find it hard to accept your true self. You can never move ahead in life if you are not comfortable with yourself. Your thoughts actually determine your limitations. You can never expect yourself to go beyond what you think you are capable of since you are nothing but outcome of your own thoughts. Engage in positive self-talk that boosts up your energy to achieve great things in life. 

2. No pain, no gain


If you believe, you can save yourself from potential failures if you do not take risks in life than it is you biggest misconception. Those who do not take risks do not get success in life. You have the power to change your life with the kind of choices you make, take your chances to attain your goals in life. The worst thing that can happen is failure, which again comes with learning to rectify your mistakes that mean you have nothing to lose. If you learn to tolerate pain of struggle, success would be just around the corner. 

3. Make your own decision and do not blame others

blame game

Takes suggestions of your friends and loved ones, analyze all the possibilities and make your decisions yourself.  Learn to live with the consequences of your decisions without playing a blame game. No one but you have the power to make or break your life. Playing the blame game never lets you move forward in life since it never lets you take control of your life in your own hands. 

4. It’s never too late to start a new life


What’s done is done, you can never change your past. All you can do is accept what you are and move on in life. Do not let others discourage you, no matter what. Get rid of the habit of procrastination. Success demands you to be consistent and remain committed. Do not step back in life just because you do not wish to face failures. Do not hesitate to sacrifice your comfort since it keeps pulling you backward in life. Come out of your comfort zone to see great things happening in life.

5. Everything happens for a reason

Do not blame your destiny for your difficulties since everything happens for a reason. Your troubles make you even stronger and prepare you for the worse. If you look back in life, you will give all the credit to your failures and struggles to turn you into a better person. Have full faith in your abilities and face your struggles head on. 

6. You have nothing to lose


If you do not make big plans and take risks, you can hardly move on in life. If you take risk and fail, you would only add another experience to your life and success motivates you. On the contrary, there are bright chances that you get success and change your life forever. In either situation you have nothing to lose, even a failure gives you a valuable learning.

It is not easy to feed good thoughts to your brain when you are going through a rough phase in your life. However, when you are well aware of the negative affects of the powerless thoughts, you think twice before entertaining a weak thought since it can turn you into a weaker self.

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