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Parents are after all parents


Fredrick came back home to live his parents after three years. His parents who were a little orthodox were shocked to see that he had a female companion with him. The moment they stepped into the house Frederick’s mother took him to a corner and asked him, “Who is this beautiful girl with you? What is she doing here? Are you sleeping with her?”


“Her name is Lisa. She is just a friend mom. Don’t give me that look,” Frederick answered.

His parents knew that he was telling a lie. Frederick did not want her parents to know that he loved the girl as he thought his parents would never accept that. Frederick’s mother gave Lisa a separate room that was just next Frederick’s room.

A few days later, Lisa came and asked Frederick, “Frederick, have you seen my Leather wallet anywhere? I am afraid it’s not there ever since your mother came to my room three days back.”

Frederick looked at her face with surprise and said, “What are you talking about? What does my mother have to do with your wallet?”

“She must have kept it somewhere else. I mean, would you please confirm it once?” Lisa said.

Frederick went to the kitchen where his mother was making breakfast and asked, “Mom, did you happen to see Lisa’s handbag when you went to her room, though I know you didn’t, did you?”


His mother had a smile on her face when she turned around and said, “I knew you would ask. I had put that in her room right under the blanket. She would have found that if she were sleeping in her own bed. Would you still argue that that you two are not more than friends?”

Parents are like that. They always know how to take out the truth from their kids. Kids may be smart but parents are after all parents.

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